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The holidays are here once again, and they won’t be going anywhere until next year. Then before you know it it’ll be Valentine’s Day. This year get a jump on the holidays while you still can with blazing and amazing holiday pricing for freelance writing content specifically for the cannabis community!

No matter if it’s your business, brand, product or cause now is a great time to promote it. With all the shopping and traveling during the holiday season, people will spend a lot of time on their mobile devices. This means they’ll be looking for things to stare at while riding trains, planes, and as passengers on road trips to and from shopping and holiday get-togethers. Let them stare at unique content from your website and not someone else’s.

Unique content is only a step in getting your message seen by the audience you’re after. Having a distribution strategy on where you’re going to place this content will also benefit you immensely. We’re here to help you develop a content plan based off of your distribution strategy and company goals.

CannaLance offers freelance writing services of all types. No job is too big or too small. Well, some jobs are too big LOL! But we are always up for a challenge!

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If you have a product you want to gain exposure for we can give you a product description that reflects your ideas and goals. Perhaps a review might be what you’re after or need. We can help there too!


If you have a not-for-profit charity or cause, we can help provide press releases, articles, bios, blogs, and more that are more than affordable. While we can’t always get our services away for free we will do everything we can to make it work and get you the content you need.

Web Copy

If you need web copy for your website, we promise we’ll treat you right. Web copy can get to be very expensive. It doesn’t have to be. Contact us today to see what we mean.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns seem like they’re going to be easy. If you’re like many entrepreneurs you’re great at all sorts of things but one of them that tends to be a pain in the rear end is writing emails. Even the shortest email can take the longest amount of time to put together. CannaLance can knock out those annoying email campaigns with the greatest of ease. Let us wordsmith your email campaign this holiday while you focus on a little R&R, shopping, or where to park your car.

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If you’re trying to build your business, cause, or brand, unique content is a must. CannaLance can provide you with blogs covering just about anything. 300, 500, 700, or thousand-word plus blogs can be yours when you need them. Content drives the internet but shouldn’t have to drive your bank account down. Contact us today to discuss a content strategy that fits your budget and your goals.

Writing services are a way that your business, brand, or cause can benefit year-round. Affordable writing services will benefit you, even more, when the content is wordsmithed to perfection keeping SEO and your business goals in mind. Our content is always 100% original and wordsmithed by writers in our family. We never outsource our content. This means we can assure you that the strategy we discuss is how your content will be handled.

Social media background

Social Media

Social media management is another service we offer that you’re sure to love. Maintaining a daily presence on social media is vitally important for businesses looking for success. If you manage your own social media campaigns you know this can be more than just time-consuming, it can be an all-day everyday kind of thing. It seems almost impossible to keep up sometimes. Focus more on growing your business and let us take over some of the stress of managing social media for you. We have social media management packages starting as low as $100 a week to help you maintain a daily social media presence across two social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or Twitter and Instagram as an example.


Now that we have some of the services we offer out of the way, check out an example of how we can help your business through articulate, constructive, wordsmithed content.

The holidays is a time of the year when charitable groups ask for a helping hand to bring smiles to the faces of people everywhere. During the holiday season, people often feel a little more inclined to reach into their pockets and help another. If you have a charitable group or cause that you would like to get content such as press releases, general blog content or email campaigns for, CannaLance can help.

A little help can go a long way when it comes to charity. Sometimes people feel intimidated when it comes to making a donation. They get ready to make a donation and see the last few donations were $100, $50, $250 and suddenly feel like their $5 is insignificant. We encourage everyone to make that donation because every penny counts.

Instead of asking for a lot we just ask for a little with a popular “do you have 5 on it” campaign. Recently we wrote an article for Parents4Pot which you can find here to help promote their Annual Holiday Fundraiser with a campaign using this concept. Weed love to do the same for you here at CannaLance.

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