Headlines Show a Change of Times

“California Treasure Wants the State to Study Public Bank Option for Pot Businesses”, “Politicians Blast Cities 1930s Reefer Madness Cannabis Regulations”, and “Marijuana Won Tuesday’s Election”. “This Witchy Woman Social is a Super Naturally Feminine Celebration of Cannabis”, “Australian Cannabis Stocks Climb Amid Licensing Announcements”, and “Israel Wants to Start Exporting its Cannabis Around the World.”

These are some of the top headlines of cannabis news today. You can find stories on Leafly, Bloomberg, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Weekly, and Forbes. Does this show you that cannabis is making waves? If not, it should. When you look at what’s going on with the simple headlines you’ll notice that people are fed up with the Reefer Madness propaganda still supported by so many draconian politicians.

When you get a job in politics for starters it was never intended to be a life career. It was meant to be short-term where you served the people of the United States and then returned to your family. Not to serve 30, 40, or 50 years holding down an office creating monopolies starting empires and establishing your own criteria and direction. Many of the politicians of today have lost their balls. They do not speak for the people any longer.

They speak for the companies, corporations, and private investment groups that own them. Many of today’s politicians are an embarrassment to those that started out so long ago. It’s plain to see that the people want a plant. You allow alcohol to be legal. You can buy it. They put it in a brown bag and send you on to your vehicle to drive down the road knowing that it’s against the law for you to drink it. Why do they put it in a bag? Why isn’t it put in a locked container and required to be kept in your trunk where you can’t access it like cannabis is in legal states?

The reason is that no one’s really thought about how to capitalize on it yet. These pricks that run our country are ruining us. We’re allowing it. The more of us that stand up against this heinous way of behavior and spread factual information about cannabis to help bring an end to outdated cannabis prohibition the stronger our country will become. The more these people show who they are the quicker we can get them out of office. So if you don’t support cannabis and believe that it is not a medicine by all means please voice your opinion so we know who you are. You can bet you’ll make the headlines of Bloomberg, Forbes, and more on your way out the door of your political career.

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