Tips for Enhancing SEO for Your Cannabis Related Business

The importance of SEO for cannabis-based businesses is unparalleled to businesses in other industries. Seeing how over 80% of consumers turn to the internet to do research before they purchase products or services from a business SEO is extremely important for businesses in the cannabis niche. There are many different ways in which a cannabis business can improve their SEO and when possible, businesses should be taking advantage of every avenue to increase their SEO strength. A strong SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy is important because without it chances are your cannabis business will not be found by potential consumers. Let’s take a journey together and learn about a few of the ways in which cannabis businesses can strengthen their SEO as well as the key components of a strong SEO strategy.


Blogging very well be may be the easiest and most effective way of boosting the SEO for your cannabis business. There are a few reasons why. First, a Blog helps to increase traffic to your website. When a steady flow of traffic reaches your site, your SEO is optimized and when your SEO becomes more optimized your traffic will only increase. The other reason why is because blogs allow you to utilize your businesses designated keywords helping you to refresh your internet presence on a regular basis if you’re blogging consistently.


If you offer a product having other businesses and bloggers provide you reviews is a great way to enhance your SEO. Many times, when another entity provides you with a product or service review not only will your company be mentioned on another website which helps to increase SEO, but they will also provide you with a backlink to your website. Backlinks are not easy to obtain which you will know if you’ve ever tried to get them organically.

Social Media

A strong social media presence is essential for cannabis businesses and their SEO strategy. Let me repeat that. A strong social media presence is essential for cannabis businesses and their SEO strategy. Social media is one of the greatest tools of this century that businesses must take advantage of. Each time that you post to social media platforms mentioning your company or your brand is mentioned your SEO receives an amazing boost.

Contact Information

Including your contact information on your website is a given. However, many people don’t think about how important it is to include your contact information in other places such as on your blog, on your social media pages and in directories related to your business.

Google Presence

Let’s face it. Google basically owns the internet. How Google ranks your website could make or break your business. This is where having a strong Google presence in addition to an overall strong online presence is crucial for businesses in the cannabis sector. To strengthen your Google presence, you can do things such as create a Google business profile and implement Gmail powered email services for your company or brand.

The Pieces of a Strong SEO Strategy

These are just a few of the ways that you can achieve a higher SEO ranking for your cannabis related company. Now, just what does a strong SEO strategy consist of? Well there are a few key aspects that must be included in every SEO strategy to see success!

  • Relevant SEO Keywords should be used throughout your website, social media platforms, digital advertising and blogs.
  • Title and Header Tags are important for the organizational structure of your content, especially blogs.
  • Image Tags are an added benefit to an SEO strategy as they provide a way to also add your SEO keywords to images.
  • Quality Web Development is also important to an SEO strategy as sites that do not meet certain coding requirements will not be able to rank well within Google indexes.

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