The Bud Bulletin Wants You to Know That the Munchies are Powerful

The Bud Bulletin likes to keep you informed about what’s happening in the cannabis community. While there is much controversy surrounding the plant we love those of us who partake know the truth. Cannabis does more than just help those who consume. Sure it helps many people to relax and feel better. It also helps some with life-threatening or life-altering conditions.

But have you ever stopped to think for just one moment that cannabis helps those who don’t consume? That’s right someone who doesn’t consume cannabis can find that cannabis is helping them too. Take for example the young single mom or dad that is trying to raise their child. Looking for work can be a daunting task in today’s world. Fast food restaurants have become a go-to spot for many single parents and young people starting out in life.

Unfortunately, many of these restaurants were starting to replace people with computers. They were also starting to shut down establishments, raise menu prices, and some were even letting go of employees. Cannabis is helping these people that would be potentially let go as well as the business owners of fast food restaurants. From the janitor to the fry guy and manager and all the employees in between restaurants like Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s have seen a rise in sales in states with legal retail cannabis laws.

According to a study conducted by Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis,  43% of legal cannabis consumers have indulged at a McDonald’s restaurant within the past month. This in return, driving sales up. This means employee retention. You could say that cannabis consumers are helping that single mom or dad to get a job or keep it by placing them in demand. The munchies are powerful.

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