Where’s the Weed At?

If you live in Las Vegas Nevada and are hoping to hit a dispensary to score some much needed herbal relaxation, you might be in for slim pickings. Why is this you ask? The answer is a simple one. Because the weed is running out. Las Vegas like other places such as Canada is experiencing a HIGH demand for herb and can’t quite fill the bill.

This has been the same issue patients in Canada who are registered through Health Canada have been experiencing. This means when you go the dispensary they may not have what you want or even worse what you need. You might be thinking that if the weed has run out, just wait till they get more. If this is your thought then my friend chances are you’re not a medical patient.

People Are Just Looking For An Excuse to get High

While I believe all cannabis consumption is medicinal, some people need it way worse than others.  For example, if you rely on cannabis to help control your seizures, I believe you need it worse than someone who smokes to relax from a hard day. Not that the person looking to relax doesn’t need it, I just don’t think they need it as bad.

I’ve spent time around many different medical cannabis patients and medical cannabis refugees. Their reliance on cannabis is much different than the afternoon or weekend toker. What if we could fix the problem of running out of weed? It wouldn’t be very difficult to do.

All we’d have to do is allow small growers the right and chance to grow. I mean if they take their herb to a lab and it’s tested to be clean, why shouldn’t they be able to sell that herb to a dispensary? The labs could get a small finders fee for putting growers and buyers together. Some people really rely on this life-saving medicine. People aren’t just looking for an excuse to get high.

Why Not Encourage Growing Financial Security And Future Generational Wealth For Craft Cannabis Growers

Why wouldn’t we want to support the small grower, the mom and pop grower? We actually do, well most of us do. It’s just that private special interest groups and certain political and authority figures have their fortunes vested elsewhere. Cannabis legalization isn’t really convenient or in their best interest at this particular moment in time or in their words, cannabis needs more research to determine its safety and effectiveness.

Laws are passed preventing those with felonies from obtaining jobs, owning dispensaries, or owning or running grows in the cannabis industry. People with only cannabis felonies for growing, trafficking, and distribution should be moved to the front of the line for consideration in my opinion. They, after all, are the pioneers of what has become a multi-billion dollar industry today. Instead, those with the power are doing what they’ve done for decades and putting a price on people.

A Crop That Could Feed A Lot

If small farmers could grow and sell legally it could create all kinds of potential. The student grower could help grow funds for their outrageous education cost. The retired senior that loves to garden could do so without having to take a part or full-time job to survive by supplementing their income with cannabis sales. Dispensaries would get quality medicine.

People who grew would only grow good pot because that would be all people would buy. The market would balance itself with price and quality all the while demand bring kept up with. The only problem is this puts the money in the wrong pockets. Greedy people make more when they leave consumers asking, where’s the weed at?

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