Glowing With Joy From My June Cannabake Box

Cannabake Box Logo

CannaLance loves everything about the incredible cannabis plant. We spend a lot of our time advocating for legalization and helping to facilitate the education pertaining to cannabis. By helping individuals build their dreams wordsmithing content-specific to the industry, we hope to help change outdated cannabis prohibition laws. While doing what we love doing we often times forget to stock up on the supplies we need like rolling papers, cones, spliffs, blunts and other smoking accessories. We found a solution to this problem with our friends at Cannabake Box.

Cannabake Box Logo
Cannabake Box Logo

Cannabake Box offers you a monthly subscription service delivered discreetly to your door. The subscription provides all kinds of cool cannabis swag. In each monthly box, you can always expect a cool piece of glass. You also get all kinds of other cool gear like grinders, pipes, snacks, storage containers, stickers and more. At first, we thought the box would be a great way to always have the supplies we needed on hand to have a sesh. By subscribing to Cannabake Box for a year we knew that when our box arrived that if we put it off to the side we’d have what we needed when the time was right. This worked great until we got hooked on the cool glass in each month’s box. In the June box Cannabake Box absolutely rawked it!

Glow Pipes
June Cannabake Box featuring Glow Pipes

When our monthly Cannabake Box came in the mail we quickly opened it to see what surprise was inside. The piece of glass that came in the June Cannabake Box brought a glow to our face. In fact, when the lights were out you could even see the glow that it brought to our face. That’s because the June Cannabake Box had an incredible piece of glow in the dark glass from Glow Pipes made right here in the USA!



If you’re like us and love everything about this incredible plant here’s your chance to get the monthly subscription box that rocks. This way you can rest assured you’re always able to enjoy everything about the incredible plant that we love when you want to. Never reach in your box only to be disappointed because you’re out of supplies. Nothing’s worse than not having wraps or a pipe around when you’re looking to sesh. Cannabake Box will eliminate this problem in an economical and discreet manner. Get your hands on a subscription to Cannabake Box today with a 15% off discount using the code “CannaLance” at checkout!


We love Cannabake Box so much that we’re willing to buy one for you. With every paid purchase of $200 in content or social media management you make from CannaLance you will receive one free month of Cannabake Box. There’s no limit to this deal! Spend $400 you get a 2-month subscription to Cannabake Box. Spend $600 and you will get a 3-month subscription to Cannabake Box. Spend $1,000 and receive a 5-month subscription to Cannabake Box and so on!


Not only do you get a free Cannabake Box but you get incredible content for your website as well. Everything from blogs to in-depth articles designed to help you gain valuable ranking on Google can be yours today at an exceptional rate. CannaLance offers evergreen content starting as low as $0.04 per word! At that price purchasing ten 500 word blogs will score you a free month subscription to Cannabake Box. You need content for your website anyway. With exceptional prices like this and the chance to try the incredible services of Cannabake Box for free, you get a winner winner chicken dinner of a deal brought to you by CannaLance and Cannabake Box. Unbox the box that rocks, subscribe to Cannabake Box or order content from CannaLance and try the box for free!

By: James Priest

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