10 Reasons to Buy A Blog

The reasons to buy a blog can vary from lack of time to articulate engaging content all the way to one of the oldest issues known to anyone who writes or has tried to, writer’s block. Wordsmithing content that is factual, reads well and engages an audience is not as easy as it sounds. Trying to get across a simple message can leave you with hundreds of words and none of them sounding right. In today’s world, your time is practically money. It’s very precious.

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Spending hours only to accomplish nothing is not only frustrating it can become costly. To pay for a blog may be just the thing you need. Saving time will most likely help you save money. Saving time and money is also saving stress and headaches, which is priceless. When blogs are reasonably priced and put together well they can be a powerful tool helping to drive traffic to your site or cause. To help you understand why buying blogs might just be a great idea for you I put together this list.

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1.   Blog Comments

Blog comments allow you the chance at an opportunity of building a like-minded community of individuals who support your brand or cause. It also allows you the chance to see those who oppose or don’t necessarily agree with you allowing you to more efficiently market your goals. Comments provide valuable information from the perspective of the audience you’re reaching.

2.   Help Drive Traffic to Your Website or Cause

Blogging can help drive traffic to your website. Each potential visitor could become a conversion that could lead to a sale or engagement in your cause. Without a blog, you are losing the opportunity to reach an extremely diverse and growing customer base. Your blogs go out across all your social media when marketed to their fullest advantage. Talk about site traffic. Social media engagements can reach hundreds, thousands, even millions!

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3.   Save Time Hassle and Headaches

Writing a blog can be a headache. Trying to pick out a topic and even more so trying to pick out a topic without plagiarizing or copying someone else’s idea seems to be virtually impossible anymore.  Unless of course, you write blogs for a living.  Someone who writes blogs for a living is a great individual to turn to when looking for a blog for your business or cause. Buying a blog can help save you time and headaches. In today’s business world many entrepreneurs have second jobs or are fully committed to their business. This means their time is priceless. Not spending hours writing a blog for your business can allow you to focus on more important aspects such as networking and growing your dreams.

4.   Blogs Can Make and/or Save You Money

Blogs can help drive sales to your website. When you save time not writing blogs by buying them not only can you spend that time growing your business the blogs will be helping to do that very same task. It’s almost like doubling the marketing side of yourself.

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5.   Writing Is Hard

Writing can be a pain in the ass. Even the best writers face the most dreaded writer’s block. Sometimes getting the words in your head to come out in print is easier said than done. For this reason, buying a blog might just be the perfect answer for you. Trust me, you’re not alone if you think writing is hard. With all the prying eyes trolling the web looking to make life difficult for others, wordsmithing content gets to be a challenge for anyone.

6.   Plagiarized Content Isn’t Good for Anyone (Just Ask Most Politicians)

Many different politicians have found themselves in this vicarious spot where they’ve been accused of plagiarism. Plagiarism can happen to anybody but doesn’t look very good for a professional business, company, or cause. Especially when someone straight outright takes somebody else’s content word for word and calls it theirs.

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7.   Blogs Help SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important for every online business looking to get noticed. A regular blog can help you to rank higher in search results helping your business or cause to be found. Blogging 2-3 times per week stands to help you in a multitude of different ways.

8.   Useful Content Builds Trust

Factual and engaging blogs help to develop trust. As you become a trusted source for information more visitors will naturally start coming to your site. As you become an ambassador of trust when it’s time to make a purchase guess where most people will return or suggest going? That’s right. Your site!

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9.   Develop Qualified Leads

Engaging in regular weekly blogging may be just what your business needs to help develop qualified leads. The more time you spend trying to market your business to those who are not qualified for your services the smaller your chances of success will be. A good blog helps to bring an audience to your business that is interested in what you have to offer. It also helps you to establish what potential clients are interested in and looking for through powerful analytic data.

10. Conversions

Leads can turn into conversions for your business and that is what we’re all after. A good blog has the power to help your business or cause grow. Keeping engaging content flowing to your blog on a regular basis that’s relevant to your industry can be a challenge. When you blog on a steady basis you have a better chance at achieving conversions from site traffic generated by your blog.

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What A Good Blog Should Do

A good blog should serve the function of one of two different purposes, in my opinion. Information or entertainment is what I write for. To inform my audience or to entertain them is usually the focus though I often combine both in my writing. I find that when one or the other is the focus clients get the message they’re after, across to their audience much easier.

Here’s what I think a good blog should provide

  • Info
  • Entertainment
  • Facts
  • Sources
  • Relevancy

What Happens When You Move the Cheese

There’s a phrase I love “different strokes for different folks” and a story to go with it. Two mice are fed cheese in the same place in a maze for a year. Every day they go to the same spot to eat the cheese. One day the cheese isn’t there. The mice are lost. The next day one comes back and every day after until it starved because there was no cheese. The other mouse went and found cheese elsewhere surviving and thriving. Give your audience/potential customers the cheese they need to survive and thrive.

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Sharing Is Caring

These are just some of the most common reasons why many people choose to buy blogs instead of articulating them personally. Having a writer that you work with regularly will help you to not explain yourself over and over which is more than worth its weight when it comes to what you spend.

Having someone who understands your goals and works with you to help achieve them is a game changer. Be sure to keep an open line of communication with your writer and always express your goals. Thanks for taking the time to check out these 10 reasons on why you might want to buy a blog. There are many other advantages of buying blogs. Do you have any reasons not listed here that are great for buying blogs you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them.

A single seed can tip the scales!

If you’re looking for someone to write blogs for you please reach out to me (James Priest) and let’s see what we can work up.  The content strategy you need to help you succeed is waiting for you and chances are it’s cheaper than you think! I offer blogs starting as low as $10! Call me at (719) 505-4741 or contact me today via email to discuss a strategy and pricing that’s right for you at CannaLance Freelance Writing Services or AnEye4TheShot Writing and Photography.

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