Four 420 Tips For Your 420 Trip This 420

By:James Priest

High their buds! It’s almost 420 again and you know what that means. That’s right it’s time to get some bud, and hang out with some buds to enjoy this international stoner holiday. Cannabis reform and legalization has come a long way since my day. I grew up on the east coast and let me tell you I dreamed of cannabis out west.

That dream came true in 2014 when my wife and I took our honeymoon to Colorado. Since the we have traveled the west coast visiting Oregon, Washington State, and Colorado. Going to dispensaries, grows, events, and festivals I managed to learn a thing or two that I’d like to share with you in hopes of helping your 420 to run smooth.

As most of us are excited and not wanting to spend all day reading about tips to get lit, imma just spill the beans.

  1. Weedmaps can save you money and help to tell you “where the weed at”. Download the app for your mobile device and save more green, for your green. Be sure to call ahead though and make sure the dispensary will honor the deal. Nothings worse than expecting to get a deal only to be baited to pay top dollar because they are out of the deal offered.
  2. Plan ahead when it comes to where you are going to stay. These links may help you save some time and find a blazin and amazin place for 420. Airbnb,Travel THC, Bud and Breakfast, Canna Travel.
  3. Fuel up with food and remember to blaze with plenty of fluids. Getting too lit too quick without enough to eat or drink can put an early end to your festivities with a headache.
  4. Don’t risk it and drive high when you can get a LYFT or catch on UBER after blazing dozens of doobers. These services often offer free rides or reduced rides on 420.

Stay safe and make this 420 great! Enjoy legal weed if you can. If you live in a prohibition state and still want to get lit, it’s all gravy baby with me, I won’t tell. I support civil acts of disobedience when it comes to cannabis. When you keep these tips in mind it’ll be your time to shine with the loud in the crowd. Remember that sharing is caring so don’t smoke alone. Grab a bud or some buds and some buds to enjoy 420 with this 420!


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