420 Helps In Many Ways

420 is almost here again. This has turned from a twice daily stoner holiday (though 420 refers to the afternoon sesh after school or work) to a festive event taking place every April on the 20th. This year cannabis tourism is all the buzz. People are flocking to Washington State, Colorado, and Oregon where they can get their hands on their favorite herb legally. For some, this trip is a bucket list trip as they fear they will never see legal cannabis in their lifetime where they live.

Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Trinidad, Pueblo, Breckinridge and Rainbow Springs Colorado and everywhere in between is setting up for a massive influx of tourist. These folks may be coming for the festivities but the green they’re going to spend will help to benefit people everywhere. It reminds me of throwing a stone into a calm glassy lake or pond. The ripples you make will carry across the entire surface.

Celebrating 420 Helps The Economy
The stone was tossed when someone buys food, a hotel room, souvenirs and trinkets, bud, gas, the chain of effects from this stone being tossed stands to help so many. You can go to a bar and buy alcohol. You can even walk down the street drinking it in many places. Cannabis consumers often ask the question, why not pot?

There are numerous events going on for 420. Cannabis consumers must remember not to get caught up in the excitement and to only light up in the right places. This means private property where smoking is allowed. A hotel, motel, or another rental that is cannabis friendly is another option. This may sound easy as your thinking it’s a legal state these places must be everywhere, but you’re wrong.

Where To Get Your Blaze On
Finding weed friendly places to stay just may prove to be a pain in the ass. You may have to turn to the Looper Bus or private cannabis friendly transportation such as High End Transportation if you’re partying in Denver.
Other places have similar places to get your smoke on. Cannabis friendly bars are working their way to becoming a reality. You can find a few places that may require a membership fee and for you to BYOB (bring your own bag) that you can celebrate 420. The best advice I could give to someone looking to take a trip to get lit this 420 is to plan ahead a bit.

Check on your place to stay. You can find private 420 and 710 friendly homes, condos, and apartments for you or a group at many different places with as little as a 24-hour notice. Here are some links that may help you with this conundrum.
Travel THC
Bud and Breakfast
Canna Travel

With so many things to do in recreational states this year perhaps it’s time to take a trip and see what this west coast weed is all about. You won’t be alone as many are looking to steer clear from other party scenes that involve more than just the green. Grab a bud and plan a trip that you’ll never forget. Speaking of forget, don’t forget to tell us all about your trip. “Weed” love to hear your cannacentric experiences!

Article by: James Priest

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