Personal Thoughts About Cannabis Legalization

By: Jacob P. of CannaLance

When it comes to people and cannabis some may think, why should cannabis even be legal? Unfortunately, propaganda from more than 80 years has misinformed and twisted the truth about cannabis. Slowly but surely the suppression of cannabis was planted even before the film in 1936, “Reefer Madness “.


Ten states passed prohibition laws by the end of 1927 and only two cannabis based medications were available by 1930.  Reefer Madness, of course, was a propaganda film released to misinform and scare the public from cannabis. In the age of technology, we are finally seeing that cannabis has been around for thousands of years and has just as many applications.


Hundreds of medical benefits have been discovered since then. Suppression and misinformation about cannabis have hidden the true medical applications from patients. Cannabis can help regulate and sometimes treat anxiety, pain, injuries and even help prevent memory loss. Different ways to consume cannabis have also emerged, rather than just smoking it.

Different Applications

Topicals can be rubbed into the skin to help treat cuts, bumps, rashes and other skin irritations. CBD capsules are a great way to balance your cannabinoid levels in specific doses. Edibles allow you to consume THC and other cannabinoids without having to inhale smoke.


Cannabis concentrates or extracts allow the consumer to consume cannabinoids without the carcinogens. A variety of applications allows patients and consumers to choose how they want to increase their cannabinoid level.

A Hempsational Plant

Hemp is an industrial crop that has been around for thousands of years. Thousands of products can be manufactured all with hemp. Hemp can be used to make plastics, papers, fabrics, textiles and renewable fuels. With a maximum 90 days to full adult maturity, hemp also replenishes the nutrients in the soil.


The hemp plant also can scrub heavy metals and even radiation from the ground. Hempcrete is a breathable, fireproof and eco-friendly building material that’s been recently discovered. Hemp could help change the way we build, fuel,and wear many materials we use today.


There are probably a million reasons to legalize cannabis and hemp. None of which have changed the minds of insurance companies, private prisons, alcohol companies, politicians or the pharmaceutical industry. Eventually, the need for such an effective medication, food, and textile will surpass all of these greedy entities.


As soon as the government lightens their persistent suppression on the cannabis community, we can begin to grow. If they don’t, it’ll grow to overwhelm them.

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