10 Of The Top Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries In Denver CO

By : James Priest of CannaLance

The top 10 recreational cannabis dispensaries in Denver Colorado are a matter of opinion of course. The best way to find the good ones is the old fashion way, to visit them all in person. If you don’t have the luxury of time to do this or even worse you don’t live in Colorado, then you may want a few friendly suggestions as for where to go for the hookup. A solid connection for what you need when it comes to weed can save you time, money, and aggravation.

Driving around Denver can be, let’s face it not fun. With tight streets and people everywhere, sometimes it’s hard to get where you’re going. Even worse is getting there and having a bad experience. Not only do you feel irritated by the poor experience you had, you’ll likely end up frustrated about the amount of time you burned up to and from where you were going. That throws salt in your freshly opened wound from your bad dispensary experience.

What is a bad cannabis dispensary experience, you ask? Great question and here is a no bullshit answer. A shitty budtender and piss poor pot at prohibition prices! Will you find this in Denver? Yes. Where? I’d rather not say. What I will say is the names of some of the great places I’ve been personally. My wife and I as the owners of CannaLance and lovers of the herb have been everywhere Fort Collins to Trinidad and in between. We want to share that with you.

Where To Go In Denver Colorado To Score Some Great Deals On Bud

Here to save the day, CannaLance offers you some tips by pointing the way to some of our favorite dispensaries in Denver. We’ve covered some ground in this town and here is what we’ve found. The Weedmaps app is where it’s at when you want to find the deals in town and get quick directions on your phone to the dispensary you’ve found. With that in mind, here are what we here at CannaLance have found to be 10 of the top dispensaries in Denver Colorado.

  1. Champion Cannabis 82 S Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80219 303-945-4774. Here’s the peoples champion. Get an $89 ounce of Ultimate Cookies, $15 grams of Gorilla Glue shatter, or an eighth of Ken’s Kush for $23! Their Sour Diesel is fire! Stop by and say high to Autumn or Kate. Tell them we sent ya. Great budtenders, prices and the ultimate best, top notch flowers! Champion cannabis is a personal favorite that we HIGHLY recommend.
  2. Terrapin Care Station Broadway located at 1 Broadway #A150 Denver, CO 80203, 303-954-8402 is incredible! They carry some amazing flower and concentrates. Willie’s Reserve is always on hand so when you can’t smoke weed with Willie, you at least can smoke Willie’s Weed! Their Double Bear Concentrates are always on point! You have to try a Willie’s Reserve Flo pre-roll while you’re there. Yu can score 4 grams of concentrates there for as low as $75 or grab an eight of Larry OG for $20!
  3. Native Roots at 1555 Champa St, Denver CO, 303- 623-1900 is a local favorite. You can place your order ahead of time so that it’s ready to roll when you get there. I’ll admit they are a little more expensive than some but when you’re looking for some great tasting herb that’s grown to a flowery perfection Native Roots has the weed you need. You can score a gram of the Legendary Chem Dawg or Blue Dream for a cool twenty bucks and see what we mean.
  4. The Medicine Man Dispensary in Denver has a huge selection of flowers, concentrates, and edibles. Voted #1 in Denver time and time again, you always have a friend at The Medicine Man. Budtenders that are always on point will hook you up with some tasty dabs, edibles and or joints. They have daily deals that’ll help you save some green if you know what we mean. Grab some legendary Jack Herer or try some Screaming Gorilla to see if that’ll chill ya. Maybe you’re after some shatter. Try the blazin and amazin incredibles Nug Run Shatter to get that elevated feeling in the Mile High City.
  5. Urban Dispensary 2675 W 38th Ave Denver (720)389-9197. These peeps made the Leafly List for Best in Colorado based on customer feedback. That comes from pleasing people with great herb and prices to match. Combine that with world class service and you get the legit Urban Dispensary. Stop by and score one of these great deals today! Two 1/8ths of select strains for $50, 1/8th of select strains plus 1 gram of Shatter or Wax for $50, or 2 grams of shatter/wax for $50/60.
  6. Sweet Leaf recreational cannabis dispensary is located at 2647 W 38TH Avenue Denver, CO 80211 and is one of several Denver Colorado locations currently catering to the budding culture and industry in the state. Sweet Leaf offers some sweet deals on some sweet Cheeba! With grams of flower such as OG Kush, Death Star and Gorilla Glue starting at just $10 and tasty, terpy, Infinite Infusions concentrates starting at just $35 you can find something for every budget and taste bud at Sweet Leaf. The budtenders at Sweet Leaf are extremely knowledgeable about the products they offer and are sure to make your experience one to remember. Next time you have a sweet tooth for some sweet deals on sticky icky ganja, look no further than Sweet Leaf.
  7. LivWell recreational marijuana dispensary located at 3955 Oneida St. Denver, CO 80207 is only one of seven incredible LivWell recreational locations in Denver. LivWell thrives to be more than just a dispensary. Through knowledgeable budtenders, a top of the line loyalty program, continuous education and offering quality products at phenomenal prices LivWell stands out from the rest. We had the pleasure of trying their Kosher Kush and Golden Goat flowers, both of which were grown to perfection and offered the delightful flavors and incredible highs they are known for. With recreational ounces, available for only $100 and eights starting at just $20, they have something for every budget.! LivWell also offers a wide variety of concentrates, edibles, and accessories at all of their Denver locations. Don’t just live life elevated, live life well with LivWell cannabis dispensary.
  8. The Green Dragon 930 W. Byers Place, 970-480-0660 or 5130 E. Colfax Ave, 303-953-8503.Green Dragon Cannabis CO. $89.99 ounces on select strains, $20 grams of wax, and $25 grams of Nug Run Shatter! With 10 Colorado location’s you’re going to love the nuggs you get from the legit Green Dragon Cannabis CO. With a quality selection, great prices and knowledgeable Budtenders on hand, this is the place to go for the hookup when you’re looking for some green to keep you from dragging.
  9. River Rock Cannabis located at 4935 York Street and 990 West 6th Avenue Denver have incredible recreational prices at just $100 an ounce or two prerolls for 15 bucks going on now through April 30th of 2017. Are you looking for something in the area of green perhaps that may fall into the category of the pursuit of happiness? They say the lonely stoner frees their mind at night. With that in mind stop by river rock and you might find a little something special by Wiz Khalifa you know what we mean.
  10. THC The Herbal Care celebrating their grand opening at 1909 South Broadway Denver Colorado, 303 -736-8142 is considered to be Denver’s Premier Boutique Cannabis Dispensary. Add you can score and AD in the chronicle a local Denver magazine listing cannabis dispensaries and Deals where you can pick up a $20 gram of wax or shatter or a $20 1/8 from THC. We suggest you try some Jabberwocky if you’re a fan of Indica Emma Durban Poison if you’re a fan landrace sativa pleasers.

A Bonus For You That’s the Bomb

These are place we can tell you first hand that are on point like a well put together joint. If you have a hole in your bowl and are needing a nugget to help plug it, the answer is as easy as counting to 10. Pick a place and head that way to elevate your day. With all this great weed to be had the only reason that one can be sad is not having a great way to enjoy all the herb out there like a great rig, bong, or bowl. Turn that frown upside down and wear a smile people will see for a mile in the Mile High City when you score a blazin and amazin deal at the Bomb Headshop!

That’s right, The Bomb Headshop has everything you need and some prices that’ll make your eyes pop. Their prices are the BOMB! Stop by one of their 5 locations like the one on 3431 S. Federal Blvd Suite E, Colorado, 80110 and pick up an ass kickin rig like a Puck Recycler for $25! They have all the wraps, dab tools, matts and more you could ever want at their store. No need to run all over town or even worse end up paying too much for the accessories you need. Save your green for some green from a tasty crop by buying your gear at The Bomb Headshop.

Colorado Cannabis Is A Hit

Cannabis is a hit in Colorado from Steamboat Springs and Fort Collins to Boulder, Denver, Pueblo and Trinidad. The places we mentioned above can all be found in Denver. This is the most common place for people to visit with cheap flights found on Frontier Airlines bringing in people from all around. 420 Airport Pickup can grab you in style from DIA for just a few bucks more than a crowded cab and ride you in style to a dispensary of your choice, then to where you’re going to stay. Prices start around $75 bucks but is the way to go if you ask us.

When you come to Denver Colorado CannaLance hopes you enjoy these places to go. Colorado Cannabis Tours offers an awesome 2.5-hour tour for $49.95 that the stoner in anyone 21 or up will love. We HIGHLY recommend this tour if you’re looking for a smoking time that’s all about weed. Grab some Voodoo Donuts or Little Man Ice Cream and enjoy being elevated in the Mile High City.

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