Champion Cannabis: The Champion The People Need

Champion Cannabis on Federal Blvd in Denver Colorado was proper and on point. The service from the bud tenders was top shelf and the flowers are too! I scored an $89 ounce of Ultimate Cookies which was stunningly gorgeous. It was less than $110 out the door. The concentrates are fire AF here as well. For $15, less than $19 out the door you can score a gram of Gorilla Glue shatter that’s processed by Craft! For just a few bucks more you can score some Happy Camper Concentrates like Pac10 or Sour Diesel.

It’s great to see a place where you can go and have access to the medicine you need at a price that will treat you right. Not everybody can afford $100 a quarter. In all actuality to me that’s prohibition prices. With a great selection of concentrates, flowers, edibles and accessories Champion Cannabis truly is a champion for the people.


When it came to the flower selection at Champion Cannabis, I was on cloud nine. Not only did they have  sweet strains of Mary Jane to choose from, they had prices I could afford! So much in fact when I went in to grab an eighth and was expecting to pay $50 or so out the door I walked out with two different eighths and a gram of shatter for fifty bucks! I’ve tried several strains and have a few I’d like to recommend for you.



Grapefruit x Mr. Nice is a delectable Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Tiger’s Milk is a powerful and potent Indica

Sour Diesel is a delightful Sativa

Ken’s Kush is another great Indica

Orange Gum is one of their Indicas that is a citrus delight



Gorilla Glue by Craft is an Indica dominant hybrid

PAC10 by Happy Camper is a beautifully balanced hybrid

Sour Diesel by Happy Camper is a Sativa pleaser

When you need to score some incredible weed, you’ll find what you need at the champion of the people, Champion Cannabis. Hit the ATM while you’re there and be sure to grab plenty of cash because you’re gonna see all kinds of things you have to have. It’s kind of like the dollar store where you run in for one thing and end up leaving with twenty.


When you leave Champion Cannabis head down the way just a few to the spot that’ll help you with what you need for your concentrates and pot, The Bomb Headshop! When you swing by Champion Cannabis be sure to tell them CannaLance sent ya. You never know you might get a great deal.

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