Give & Toke is the first giving campaign of its kind within the cannabis community

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Denver, CO, December 5, 2016– There are many questions and concerns about donations from both the cannabis companies and the nonprofit sector. Even being taxed at 65%, giving occurs in the cannabis industry but very few are aware for a variety of reasons. Give & Toke was created as a way to show that the cannabis community is just as much a part of the fabric of our community in perhaps one of the most mainstream of activities, holiday giving.

As stated by Richard L. P. Solosky, Principal Partner of 420 Philanthropy Consultants, the presenting sponsors of this cannabis community holiday giving campaign:

“Give & Toke is a proactive and impactful way of demonstrating the commitment and value the cannabis industry presents to its local communities and how deep-rooted it has become to the very fabric of those same communities.”

Colorado Gives Day helps over 2,000 charities receive money, but did you know that there are many nonprofits doing amazing things in our community and are not able to participate in Colorado Gives Day? These are smaller nonprofits, trying to make a difference locally or globally, yet don’t have the financial or human resources yet to be a part of a larger giving day. is designed to empower those and other organizations under $1million annual budget get some added support! Shannon Brooks, Director of Marketing for LIGHTSHADE says,

 “It is very important to all of us at Lightshade to give back to the community. We believe that the Give & Toke program is a great opportunity for the Cannabis industry to work together to support the people in the incredible state that we live in.”

Presented by 420 Philanthropy Consultants and supported by local cannabis companies like LIGHTSHADE and others, Give & Toke has created a giving portal, ! 100% of the funds raised will go to support programs and services for small (under $1,000,000 annual budget) and local (Colorado-based) 501c3 nonprofit organizations! Taking place on December 6, 2016, is a strategic move, whereby there is an easy way to compare giving from the cannabis community and “mainstream” giving. Is it 1%? 10%? 20%? We will just have to wait and see!

Media Contact

Contact: Richard L. P. Solosky

Telephone: 720.675.9317

Cell: 720.675.7542




  1. Great that you are working to increase giving in Colorado! One point about Colorado Gives Day. Nonprofits do not need a $1 million budget to participate. To be on the website, a nonprofit must be reporting at least one previous year of financials with $50,000 in annual revenue or $25,000 in net assets as shown on a 990, 990EZ, audit, review or compilation

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