The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen Presents Generation 2

The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen is one dabsolutely incredible accessory that once you have, it’ll become a necessity. You won’t understand how you managed to live without this incredible concentrate pen in the past. The incredible Dabsolute Pen was introduced to the market a while back and surprised the cannabis community with a high-quality made-in-America product that was built to last. Costing not much more than typical junky pens that break in a week or so the Dabsolute Pen offered consumers a change. That change was a quality product that worked time and time again consistently.

The Dabsolute Pen also comes with a lifetime warranty meaning you would never have to buy another concentrate pen again! People absolutely love the Dabsolute Concentrate Dab Pen. With variable temperature controls as well as voltage and wattage settings to choose from you can customize your smoking experience and make it fit the desired outcome you’re after. Higher temp dabs for more THC and a heavier body buzz or lower temp dabs for more flavor and not as heavy of a head high. The choice is yours with this customizable one-of-a-kind dabsolutely incredible Dabsolute pen.

Just when you absolutely thought the Dabsolute Pen was perfection they went and remastered perfection making it even better. Improving upon its design by taking suggestions from customers, the Dabsolute Pen gave birth to the Gen 2. The Gen 2 Dabsolute Concentrate Pen offers all the same great features you’ve come to love and hear so much about with the traditional Dabsolute Pen just with some minor improvements. The threaded chamber piece has been replaced with a push and pull chamber making it easier to remove when your dabs create a sticky situation.

The Generation 2 Dabsolute Pen also comes with a deeper coil chamber helping to hold more of the concentrates you love, allowing you to reload your Dabsolute Pen less. Generation 2 also comes with an improved battery that’s even stronger and lasts longer than ever before. If you’re looking for the last dab pen you’ll ever have to buy then be sure to get your hands on the Dabsolute Generation 2 Dab Pen today.

Constructed of pure stainless steel and designed with a unique patented coil the Dabsolute Penn has been pleasing consumers everywhere. Enjoy the discretion of a dab hit when you want it without having to have a dab rig, torch, dab tool, e-nail, or other dabbing accessories whenever you choose. Enjoy a smooth dabbing experience each and every time you dab with a customizable Dabsolute Dab Pen Gen 2 and make each hit count. A dab truly goes a long way with the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen and now it goes even further with the Gen 2!



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