The Daberator Will Satisfy Your Dab Lung and Then Some


For when too much just isn’t enough you need the Daberator. The Daberator Dab Rig comes in a His and Hers model. The only difference in the two is one is a little bigger than the other and one comes with an absolutely insane feature not found on any other dab rig, the double barrel dab stem. There’s more to this incredible dab rig than meets the eye. It’s actually a dab rig in disguise. In disguise as scientific equipment. The scientific beacon used as the main chamber of the incredible Daberator can be cleaned out and is not a piece of paraphernalia. This means it can go in places that other dab rigs wouldn’t dare venture into.

Not only will the incredible Daberator deliver the most powerful dab hit you have ever consumed in your life it could also help to make those dabs for you too! That’s right, imagine making the incredible concentrates you love to dab out of the same rig you use to consume them! You don’t have to imagine this, you can actually do it. With the Daberator home kit add-on you will have everything you need to make safe concentrates without ever running the risk of blowing yourself up.

Not only do you get the best most powerful hitting dab rig on the market you also get the necessary tools to make concentrates yourself and the peace of mind that comes with the transformer of dab rigs! . The Daberator goes from an incredibly powerful potent packing dab rig to a cleaned down sanitized piece of scientific equipment that can be found in any basic chemistry set.

If you’re one of those individuals who likes to take big massive rips off of your dab rig at home, then my friend this is definitely the rig for you. You will definitely satisfy your dab lung and then some with the incredible Daberator whether you choose to go with the His or Hers Daberator. However, be warned that you were told about the big guns with the double barrel Daberator. This bad boy is not for the lightweights and is definitely not for someone who hasn’t grown their dab lung yet. The Daberator dab rig from the makers of the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen can be yours today. Get one for yourself and one for a gift to make somebody else’s day!

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