The Makers of The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen Introduce – The Daberator

Pueblo, Colorado

November 15th,2016 РThe company behind the most powerful dab pen on the market, The Dabsolute Concentrate Pen, is excited to announce their latest product to hit the market, The Daberator! The Daberator is not your typically dab rig. In fact, it is much more than just a dab rig. The Daberator does not require any nails or bangers as it is an all-in-one rig so all you need is a torch, some cannabis concentrates, and a dab lung to handle the massive hits The Daberator produces! The Daberator is made utilizing a science beacon,  a rubber stopper, a glass tube for taking hits from and either a glass or grade 2 Titanium bent tube that is customized to their specifications in which you vaporize the dabs from. The dab tube will differ depending on which model you purchase. The Daberator is available in a His and Hers model.

  • The Hers model offers a glass stem for inhaling your hit and a glass stem to heat and vaporize concentrates.
  • The His model, however, offers a glass stem to inhale your hit and a titanium stem for vaporizing concentrates. Both models also offer a “trigger-finger” carb which isn’t commonly found on dab rigs.
  • If these models didn’t already produce massive hits, they also offer a Double Barrel edition which is the same as the His model except instead of 1 titanium dab stem, there are two for twice the fun and twice the hit!

If you are tired of broken bangers, down stems and tiny unsatisfactory hits, The Daberator is sure to please. The Daberator is not just a dab rig either. In fact with the right knowledge and a few other pieces of equipment the science beacon which makes up the rig can also be utilized to make concentrates and when not in use can be completely cleaned and broken down making it a hundred percent legal in all 50 states as it is then simply nothing more than science equipment. Pick up your Daberator today on the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen website!

About the Makers of the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen and The Daberator
Dabsolute was founded in Colorado by a long time medical cannabis patient and entrepreneur. The first product offered by Dabsolute was the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen and the same diligence and commitment to excellence that they provided with the Dabsolute Concentrate Pen can be seen in their latest product to hit the market. All of the products sold by the company are made in the USA and are backed by some of the best customer service in the cannabis industry.

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