Strawberry Fields Has the Flower Power to Help You Concentrate

Strawberry Fields Adult Use Pueblo North off I-25 has that fire you desire! With a great selection of some phenomenal bud combined with an equally impressive selection of concentrates and edibles once you visit Strawberry Fields it’ll be Strawberry Fields Forever for you too. Don’t hate, regulate. Regulate your frame of mind by partaking in a wake and bake, afternoon, or evening sesh to help alleviate your stress. The incredible budtenders over at Strawberry Fields will always take good care of you.

Be sure to sign up for the text deals as well as the Belly program that you can check in with each time you visit the store. Keep your eyes peeled on WeedMaps as you can usually score some sweet treats from Strawberry Fields at a deal. Every chance here at CannaLance that we get we make sure to stop by and visit our friends at Strawberry Fields to see what kind of deals they have going on. The last time we went by we were graced by this place with an incredible deal on cannabis concentrates. Buy 3 get the 4th for $0.50. Now that my friends, is a deal that’s a win!

Originally the wife and I had stopped by to pick up a little “HIGH” quality shatter. We ended up with a variety that brought a smile to our face. We tried a total of four different concentrates this day. Strawberry Fields was on fire and on point with each one of these concentrates. They were high quality and extremely delicious.

In fact, they were so good we were inspired to write a little piece on each one. Maybe this will help inspire or encourage you to try some of this fire. Should you go into Strawberry Fields to score yourself some herb be sure to tell them that CannaLance sent ya. Who knows they might hook you up with some stickers, papers, or even a bangin extra discount!

• Pakalolo Sativa Shatter from Craft 710- Pakalolo is the Hawaiian word for marijuana. Pakalolo had a sweet flavor and a very strong potent kick to it. It also had very nice cannabinoid profile that consisted of just over 59% THC and 1.4% CBG. This is without a doubt a quality cannabis concentrate. I found it to be very smooth without having any harshness or burn. Even with having my dab lung developed I still found a little bit of cough with this one. The head high was a very nice feeling that came on surprisingly fast.

• Amafu Poison Budder by The Lab came in with a beautiful cannabinoid profile of 78.5% THC and 1.9% CBG. This spunky Sativa dominant hybrid may not have you out wanting to play a few rounds of frisbee golf but it will help you get through your day or night depending on what it is you’re looking for. A great concentrate to dab and dance. You could even say these Dabs Will Make You Dance! If you’re looking to maintain throughout the day while relieving pain and taking the edge off but not getting caught in that dreaded couch lock this budder was one strong mudder that will get the job done!

• TR ConcenTRates Pootie Tang Shatter came in testing at 81%. A combination of Tang Tang and LA Kush come together creating Pootie Tang which came to be in 2012 from New House Seed Company. In 2015 at the Denver Cannabis Cup, Pootie Tang took third place in the category of best Sativa flower. The consistency was that of a good snap and pull with a beautiful amber tone. Pootie Tang will make you zing. This succulent shatter hit the spot.

• Igadi Tabernash, Colorado White Dawg Sugar Wax aka Live Resin: This Indica dominant sugar wax came in testing at 83.16% and produced an almost instant head high that was very enjoyable. I could especially feel this sugar wax working behind my eyes. It was very smooth with a pleasant flavor too. I would describe the flavor as very floral and sweet like candy. The consistency was very hard so you’ll need to heat the tip of your dab tool just a little bit in order to help this impressive sugar wax stick.

With concentrates this good it’s hard to believe they can keep them in stock. With deals like buy 3 and get one at $0.50 when it comes to the concentrates you love you can stock up on them all. Hell, while we were there we bought a Waxerz 7 compartment pink camo glow-in-the-dark silicone container and a caviar preroll just because we were on a roll and they offered them at such a great price.

A Waxerz container full of concentrates is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Anyone who loves cannabis concentrates that is. Remember when it’s some fire ass weed you need it’s easy to be found without running all over town. Don’t hate regulate and head to Strawberry Fields, they’re even open late. Be sure to catch them before 11 p.m. 7 days a week.

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