Cannabis Activist Clothing is a Hempsational Way to Support Hemp

The cannabis plant needs some good PR and you need some awesome new hemp apparel. What better way of representing the plant that has so much to offer than by wearing it on your back and spreading awareness surrounding it in a classy and subtle way without ever having to say a word.

This is exactly what Dustin Kay is hoping to help you do. Dustin is the founder of Cannabis Activist Clothing and is passionate about bringing awareness to the world surrounding hemp and the many products it can be utilized to manufacture including clothing! Dustin wants to help you help the movement in a fashionable way!

Cannabis Activist Clothing was founded after Dustin realized that

“the prohibition of cannabis is more harmful than the resource itself.”

That is when he began printing Cannabis Activist Clothing logos onto high-quality hemp apparel as prototypes. Dustin hopes to take his idea and products to a full market by gaining funding through a Kickstarter Campaign.

As Kay stated in a press release.

“Most people aren’t aware that hemp is exceptionally versatile and can be used for countless products such as apparel, accessories, and shoes.”

This is even more reason why advocating this plant through apparel made utilizing it makes perfect sense!

All CAC apparel is printed on quality material which is a blend of 55℅ Hemp and 45℅ organic cotton cut and sewn here in the United States. Products include but are not limited to hoodies, skirts, T-shirts, and sundresses. There are apparel options for both reserved activists as well as for cannabis activists that have come out of the cannabis closet. Every product from Cannabis Activist Clothing represents cannabis in a hempsational and classy manner. No tied dyed pot leaves here.

The apparel from CAC will allow you to “advocate in style without saying a word.”

Hemp has the ability to replace almost every product made from oil, wood, and cotton on the planet today. Could you imagine what would happen if oil was left in the ground, the forests were not destroyed and 1/4 of the United States’ pesticide use wasn’t present because cotton no longer had to be grown?

Could you imagine the positive effects that this would have on our environment which is desperately crying out for help? Could you imagine a plant that could actually repair the soil in which it is being grown in through phytoremediation? Dustin Kay and Cannabis Activist Clothing can. They also know that hemp is much more durable, water resistant and stronger than cotton and other synthetic fibers making it a much wiser and greener choice!

Help bring awareness to cannabis and the many benefits it offers by helping support the Kickstarter Campaign for Cannabis Activist Clothing today and sharing this campaign with your buds today!

Stay hemptastic buds!




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