Medical Cannabis Rally and Hemp Hoedown

For Immediate Release

Greener Pastures Tennessee Presents the 9th Medical Cannabis Rally

October 7th,2016

Greener Pastures Tennessee is excited to announce that on Saturday October 8th they will be hosting the 9th Greener Pastures Tennessee Medical Cannabis Rally. The event is scheduled to take place in Johnson City TN starting at 3 P.M. EST. This event is a peaceful protest to bring awareness to the medical benefits of cannabis as well as the many benefits that hemp has to offer the world. Attendees are asked to meet at the Johnson City Farmers Market at 3 P.M. At approximately 4 P.M. attendees will march from the Farmers Market to the corner of University Parkway on the west side of Franklin Rd. The event will take place with protesters, speakers and advocates on site until 6 P.M. Special guests at this event include The Carolina Hemp Company, Venessa Adams aka The Real Hemp Queen, the one and only Green Life Granny, Geo Ogburn from VA Fiber, Joe Domino from Farm Fibers, and Eddie Lee whom is the son of the legendary country musician and cannabis advocate Willie Nelson.

Directly proceeding the medical cannabis rally, attendees will gather for a one of a kind event appropriately named, Hemp Hoedown, hosted by The Carolina Hemp Company, Venessa Adams, and Green Life Granny. This event will include live music by Eddie Lee as well as an opportunity for advocates and attendees to network and have a hempsational time connecting with like-minded individuals in the community. The Hemp Hoedown will take place from 6-11 P.M. EST in Johnson City at the Tupelo Honey Cafe.

About Us

Greener Pastures Tennessee is led by Seth Green. This mission of Seth and Greener Pastures TN is to bring awareness to the world regarding cannabis and to help reform cannabis laws in TN and around the world. Learn more about Greener Pastures Tennessee on Facebook @tngreenerpastures.

Venessa Adams aka The Real Hemp Queen is a cannabis advocate, activist, and hempsational knowledge expert on all things cannabis. With years of knowledge and experience surrounding cannabis, she is bringing awareness to the leaf in places across the U.S. Learn more about Venessa Adams aka The Real Hemp Queen on Facebook @TheRealHempQueen.

Green Life Granny is a medical marijuana patient, advocate, and inspirational individual who has found a new life in cannabis and a passion for sharing this plant with the world. You can learn more about Green Life Granny on Facebook @Thegreenlifegranny.

Carolina Hemp Company is dedicated to reviving the hemp industry throughout the U.S. by working with hemp farmers, manufacturers, retailers, educators and many others to remove the stigma surrounding the leaf. They are also a wholesale distributor of quality hemp products. Learn more about the Carolina Hemp Company on their website here.

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Greener Pastures Tennessee

Facebook: @tngreenerpastures


Venessa Adams aka The Real Hemp Queen


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