1,300 People May Lose Their Jobs because of Misinformation and Reefer Madness Propaganda

Pueblo.PNGColorado has implemented a legal medical and retail marijuana market in the state. This does not mean however that you will find dispensaries in every city distributing cannabis to those legally able to purchase it as some opted out from the beginning. One county though with many dispensaries already currently serving customers and patients is facing annihilation due to a petition started by a group known as Citizens for a Healthier Pueblo.


This petition which has now gained enough support to make the ballot in November stands to eliminate all businesses in Pueblo County that currently serve their retail marijuana industry. Should this petition gain enough votes during the election this fall there are over 1,300 individuals who would face losing their jobs. That is 1,300 mothers, fathers, sons & daughters that will no longer be employed and will have to search for new employment to support their families and themselves.

The sad truth is this petition should have never made the ballot as it is based on misinformation and outright lies. The diligence of this group, however, has proven to be significant and they are continuously reaching out to citizens and using the same Reefer Madness propaganda scare tactics that have been utilized by prohibitionists for over eight decades to keep this medicine and safe natural alternative to alcohol out of the hands of Americans.reeder.PNG

If you are a resident of Pueblo County and care about your fellow citizens losing their jobs and about the cannabis industry as a whole I would suggest that you devote your time to educating others so the truth of cannabis and the many benefits that the retail marijuana market offers Pueblo County is known.


For more information about how you can help check out Growing Pueblo’s Future. This group consists of many individuals in the industry within Pueblo that are fighting this initiative in hopes of saving the retail industry in the county, as well as their livelihoods.The most important thing that you can do if you are a Pueblo resident is making sure you show up this November and vote no on this initiative.

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