Chameleon Glass- Canna Sticker Surprise

My quest for stickers brought a newfound joy beyond my wildest beliefs to my life. T’was a gray day in Colorado, clouds rolling along clinging to the earth making it seem dreary. I set out packing my bowl and surfing Twitter as I saw a retweet of this cute boy holding up a blue flame sticker. I looked closer to uncover it had Chameleon Glass written across the blue flame. This is how it all began.IMG_20160703_034835

My heart fluttered as I had come across a new canna sticker! Recently I started a collection of cannabis stickers, placing them inside a vintage sewing box. Excitedly I sent out a tweet to Chameleon Glasswhat a kitten had to do to get her paws on some stickers? To my surprise they responded that they are free to order through their online store! Stoked to get a quick response and to find I had but to order them with a few clicks, I zoomed to the site and found the stickers.  ♡

As I was finishing filling in my address and such for shipping I noted the little box left for idle comments and such. You know the box you usually ignore or write delivery instructions for the pizza guy in. Yesss you know what I mean.  Me being my quirky selfs added a note that if they wanted to throw in any extra things laying around a kitten would surely write up a blazing review for them! I pressed confirm on my “purchase” of the free stickers. Little did I know within a few days I was going to meet the bowl of my dreams.


I awoke one hot mid mornings. Thoughts of the lake and splashing around with one of my puppies were in my head. But with the speckled clouds and heat I bid it off for another day and good thing I did.

I was sitting in the sun room watching the clouds gather for impending afternoon storms and chattering with my mom. Heat rising by the minute. When a delivery truck pulled up. I was well out the door before my lazy dogs even noticed the delivery man sporting that khaki get up standing at the gate skidishly.

20160524_192048.jpgAs I approached he said he didn’t “do dogs” and I thought then you are in the wrong profession my fine ankled friend. I always note how delivery boy ankles pop out like freckles on a french maid.  Anyway, he had a box and it had to be signed for. Thinking it was for my parents I signed and bid him the best of luck with his endeavors. He zipped down the road leaving a dust trail behind, I giggled thinking to myself “Poor delivery man haunted with a fear of dogs.” Amused at the irony of the encounter I fumbled back inside dodging the herd of hyper puppies at my feet.

IMG_20160708_011830I came back into the sunroom to share the irony of the postman. My mom grabs the box reads it and questioningly reads “Chameleon”? That’s when I remembered I ordered stickers! I exclaimed “No Way? A box for stickers?” I eventually got the box to open fumbled amongst the packing peanuts eagerly. Twas then my hands grabbed a slim object wrapped in bubble wrap.  My heart aflutter as I gently tore at the tape then pulled with some reckless abandonment before it revealed the Typhoon. In all of its shining glory.

IMG_20160707_212032The Typhoon Classic is stunning. Clear crisp design and engineered with three chambers it’s intriguing to the eye. Carefully crafted air directors, one dot on either side of each chamber causes a smoke show sure to please! The bowl burns nicely as the smoke and air travels through the crafty chambers causing a vortex of smoke to spin and cycle. As the hit travels it cools down providing massive hits with less burn. I note if you draw slower as if taking a dab hit, it hits best.


I took it out with me for one of my sunset walks. The sky is so colorful out here in Colorado. The reflection made for amazing pictures. The sky was really putting on a show of her own. ♡ I sat back and puffed on the Typhoon and watched the colors shift and dim. It’s been my go too for my walks since.  Chameleon knows how to make their glass and they recently celebrated 25 years in the biz. Congratulations you guys! Their products are made in the USA so you can kick that China glass to the curb. If you are looking for a great company with unique products, you can count on Chameleon Glass is here for you! CatNip approved! Time and time again.

Stay Blazed Kittens



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