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Pipe It UpSummer is already set in motion. The heat is high and the adventures kickin’. I received a smoke shop in a box conveniently delivered to my door from the folks over at PipeItUp.Co. With our on the go busy lifestyles, we happen to misplace and forget essential smoking needs all the time. You know from running out of papers to lighters dying or ending up MIA. Oh, the many misadventures of a pothead. *sigh* Many of us know this all too well.

With that being said this nifty monthly box is full of goodies, I can guarantee you’ll use. I know I will! Meow! With free shipping in a plane jane white box so no one will expect a thing! PipeItUp.Co prides themselves on no China glass products as do many other mass production smoke boxes. You’ll get a genuine unique glass spoon as well as a glob of smoking goodies every month for only $30.

20160706_201414What did you get in the box!?

You may be asking, well let me tell you. Conveniently tucked together I discovered a Raw Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine, a pack of Raw Tips, one pack of Raw papers. I really liked seeing the vast uses of hemp from the plastics to the papers. Hemp to save the world! Anywho, I also found two packs of Juicy Jays to enjoy.

I was pleasantly surprised to add two new Clipper lighters to my growing collection! One being a Raw Clipper. Two things of Hempwick. I also found a cute small purple spoon, a unique flat palm-sized glass piece that I am in love with. Then I found a red container for holding ganja that had metal and glass screens in it. I was pleasantly surprised with the added Zen pipe cleaners as well. I also uncovered a duo original and steamroller set of the edgy Pitch-A-Bowls, some smelly Sploofsticks and a mass of stickers to tie up a great package.
Useful and convenient products with unique real glassware. You can kick that China material to the side with PipeItUp. It is a steal in comparison to other boxes! They have fresh monthly themes and this one was the “On The Go” box. They partnered with Raw, Pitch-A-Bowls, and Sloofsticks to bring you smoking luxuries for the on the go toker like me. CatNip approved! Be sure to order their next box today! When budz come to me and question what box is worth it out there? I exclaim, PipeItUp.Co boxes are the way to go!

Stay blazed kittens!

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  1. Love the pitch-a-bowls. 😉


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