The Blazin and Amazin Blazin Bottles

Blazin Bottles is an incredible veteran owned American company based out of Colorado. These unique Blazin Bottles glass pipes are truly one of a kind and make a great addition for anyone who is a connoisseur collector of cannabis accessories whether you are just getting started or have been blazin the past 50 years.


After many broken bottles, 40 prototypes, 6 different bowl variations, and 12 different carb sizes, we finally settled on what was to become a Blazin Bottle!

The hardest part about purchasing a Blazin Bottles product is choosing which one you want. If you’re anything like the team here at Marijuana Writers, we generally like to try it all. When it came to the decision on Blazin Bottles let’s just say we had an amazingly difficult time making our blazin decisions.

Each Blazin Bottle is modified by hand, polished and sanded in Colorado. To top it off, every Blazin Bottle comes with a Blazing Kit that includes

bag.PNGA Blazin Bag for transporting your Blazin Bottle

2 different sizes of aluminum alloy bowls so that you can smoke alone or kick it a nickel to blaze with friends

A Blazin Bottles vinyl decal sticker because everyone loves stickersA discreet airtight keychain container to hold onto your loud so you don’t smell like a dispensary in a crowd

A Wax-sealed welcome letter fit for royalty with care instructions for your Blazin Bottle


The ones we chose did not disappoint. We chose them for various reasons and we’re extremely impressed with the performance and overall quality of each of our amazin Blazin Bottles. First, I’d like to touch on the area of discretion.

Not everybody lives in a state where marijuana is legal. Even those who do live in a state where marijuana is legal still may not choose to advertise their support with hookahs, extravagant bongs, and obvious cannabis paraphernalia on display throughout their homes.

big bottles.PNG

This is an area that makes Blazin Bottles an excellent addition to your cannabis accessory collection. When not in use the unique design of these colorful glass bottles can be displayed on a shelf and fit in naturally with almost any decor. They look just like a beautiful piece of colored collectible glass or crystal.

The next thing that was nice about our Blazin Bottles pipes were how smooth they hit it. The carb is a small one which to some people will not allow you the ability to clear the chamber. I did not find this to be an issue. It’s all in the technique of how you hit it.The Blazin Bottles delivered a smooth and powerful hit that did not burn my throat. I did not find my hit harsh or too hot like you will find with pipes that have large chambers.

You can earn rewards telling others how awesome Blazin Bottles are too!  How can you do this you ask? Through the Blazin Bottles Ambassador Incentive ProgramBecome a Blazin Ambassador and enjoy the perks! When your unique ambassador code is used to purchase a Blazin Bottle, you’ll receive 2 points. Your points never expire. After you accumulate a certain amount of points, you’ll automatically earn the reward associated with the amount of points in that tier.

The Blazin Bottles collection is as unique as the many strains of cannabis that are available. With new products on the way and an amazing lineup of existing products, Blazin Bottles is here to stay.

They are also blazing a path and setting an example working with multiple charities as they continue to grow.



For every Blazin Shortstack sold, we will be donating a percentage of our profits to the foundation in which the color of the bottle corresponds with.

Blazin Bottles offers a line of pipes called Shortstacks. This incredible line features a spectacle of colors like a bag of Skittles. Blazin Bottles will donate a percentage of sales to charitable causes from each Shortstack Blazin Bottle that is sold. Each color of the Shortstack line correlates with the color representing a charity.

  • Green represents Glaucoma. Donations from the sale of this Shortstack benefit the Glaucoma Research Foundation.
  • Purple represents Epilepsy. Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy will receive donations from the sale of the Purple Shortstack.
  • Red represents Lymphoma. The Leukemia Research Foundation will be the beneficiary of donations from the sale of this Shortstack.
  • Blue represents PTSD. Donations from the sale of the Blue Shortstack will go to Grow for Vets.
  • Orange represents MS. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society will receive a donation from the sale of each Orange Shortstack.
  • Pink represents Breast Cancer. The American Cancer Society will benefit by receiving donations from the sale of each Pink Shortstack.

Since the conception of Blazin Bottles this veteran owned company has been blazin a trail of success. People love to get quality products at affordable prices. Don’t take my word for it get your own Blazin Bottle today and see for yourself!  Check out the timeline below that outlines the success that Blazin Bottles has blazed thus far.

  • January 26, 2016 – Conceived the idea to turn a bottle into a steamroller novelty pipe.
  • February 15, 2016 – We began prototyping with different bottles. (We finalized our design after 40 total prototypes, 6 different bowl variations, and 12 different carb sizes)
  • March 4, 2016 – We soft launched and officially became known as Blazin Bottles.
  • March 7, 2016 – We first met with a patent attorney and began the patent process.
  • March 14, 2016 – The day we officially filed our patent.
  • March 21, 2016 – We stopped accepting orders as we decided the product was indeed desired by the general public, so we began the transition from hobby to business.
  • April 15, 2016We officially launched our company. This official launch included, refreshed packaging for the products, the introduction of our Blazin Ambassador Program, as well as we added the Blazin Kit to each bottle sold.
  • May 23, 2016 – We officially launched our charity program, “Blazin for a Cause”

We had the pleasure of meeting the Blazing Bottles team and can say first hand that they are all about helping the people and spreading education surrounding the herb, which we find to be pretty blazin‘ and amazin‘!

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