The Chorus of Cannabis



The effects of marijuana are becoming more evident as legalization sweeps the states and it is not just lazy couch potato syndrome. Cannabis is uplifting a nation. Reports from users for centuries have indicated changes in people’s smell, sight, taste, touch, hearing, and memory while consuming the herb. Cannabis sparks many creative conversations worldwide and one that is noted often debates the relation between cannabis and music.

With that being said, music and cannabis have a complicated relationship. Covering many levels and depths over countless centuries.  When the two mix, one’s sensual perception can be radically altered or enhanced. Charles Taft’s Psychological Study of the Effects of Marijuana Intoxication shows that on average 95 out of every 100 people who use marijuana report intense effects on their auditory. By getting lost in your mind and with the music, it can produce good vibes. The rhythm can tap into your soul and renew your being. The music rolls over you in waves, and your spirit is cleansed. Yeah, you know what I mean, if not sit back and let’s smoke two joints to iconic songs of the ages.

Oh, how music can calm a savage soul.  In a world that demands such a fast paced and anxious lifestyle that makes many live the entirety of their adult lives stressed. Stress impairs our enjoyment of life’s many pleasures. So we blast our favorite tunes. In hopes for a better mood. The same can be said for cannabis. Many consumers use it as a great stress relief.  So combined marijuana’s relief would allow one to enjoy simple pleasures we miss out on when we are stressed out. Such as the rhythm and tones of music that our brain would process as unnecessary, and otherwise not appreciate its value.

When you close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you, the space around you becomes auditory space. A space where things are organized by their sound characteristics as to actual placement of things. The geological placement is replaced with an awareness of depth and vibrations of the sounds around you. Simply saying you are experiencing the music not just listening to it. Any fangirl or fanboy can understand the heart throbbing connection to the first cord of their favorite track. How the memories of yesteryear can come rolling back.

It’s almost like the two were destined for each other! But just as heavy metal isn’t for everyone like an uplifting sativa, perhaps trying a mellower indica, would have more of a classic rock flow to it. It may not be for everyone. Whatever combination it may be it works for me and many others would agree. The chill vibes roll free when the tunes are carefree.  So now I hope you will stop and take a break from the craze and blaze a jay with me. If a single seed could tip the scale imagine what it would do to the rhythm! Elevate while you medicate next time with music and experience the bliss it can be!

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  1. This spoke to me personally. Whenever I smoke, I unconsciously reach for my guitar immediately after. Playing music just feels so right.

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