#Strawberry Fields 4-Ever



Strawberry Fields Eden located at 2285 North Interstate 25 in Pueblo has the hookup! When you are looking to score some herb or get your medicine don’t pay prohibition prices like some dispensaries charge, go to Strawberry Fields Eden. I’ve seen eighths going for as high as $70 at some places! Get the deals you deserve while finding a great selection of classic favorites.

Favorites like Sweet N Sour, Chemdawg, Sour Diesel, Jedi Kush, Blue Dream and more. Plus they have the latest strains out too! Did I mention that you can score a lid for $125!!! They run specials like 7-gram eighths, have $2 raffles for great Strawberry Fields swag, and offer a far out rewards program when you sign up to receive texts!


The budtenders at Strawberry Fields make you feel welcomed every time. They know all the basics and then some. Your not just another face at this place, they get to know you and what you like! When you walk in Strawberry Fields, it smells like new weed! The modern art design is sweet! Be sure to bring your camera, at Strawberry Fields, they encourage you to take pics and share them with the world!

There are all kinds of reasons to visit Strawberry Fields Eden today! Know matter what you’re looking for chances are they have what you need.Perhaps you’re looking for some great trim to make medicine? You will find it here. Top quality sugar leaf and trim are what you’ll get from the fine folks at Strawberry Fields Eden!

Capture3How about this, are you broke a/f? I know that times get tough living on a writer’s budget and all. Sometimes clients are late paying, or the work slows down. When this happens, Strawberry Fields is my saving grace with $20 quarters of trim. Chemdawg, Girlscout Cookies, Grape Stomper and more all fill the bill when the greenage in the bank starts to flow low! When that green is rushing in and flowing as the news reports say, I like to stock up on the $125 ounces, and I bet you will too!

The next time you are in the Eden area off of Capture4Interstate 25 in Pueblo Colorado be sure to visit Strawberry Fields Eden and get the deals you’ve been needing! Tell them Marijuana Writers sent ya! You never know, they may just hook you up with some extra swag in your bag like some stickers or something! If you haven’t tried these peeps out yet, then you are missing out my friend! When I’m looking for edibles, concentrates, or especially when I need some herb, I go to Strawberry Fields Eden!

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