Take the High Road With the Black Rock OG Smell Proof Safety Case

BlackRock OG CaseBlack Rock OG, classy, discreet, and efficient.  Black Rock OG is a name that you will want to remember. The Black Rock OG smell proof travel safety case is a fantastic accessory for anyone who partakes in the pleasures of the herb. This case traps in all the beautiful aromas of your ganja thanks to the leather armor that encases the zipper like a sleeve. This keeps all of those amazing smells inside your case instead of outside emanating off of you.

BlackRock OG PebblesWith four BR latex containers that are similar to dab containers, the Black Rock OG Smell Proof Safety Case has plenty of storage. Each container holds about a gram of flower broken up or about 2 grams of shatter.

BlackRock OG Grinder Card

The complete Black Rock OG Safety Case came with a latex dab mat, a one hitter bat, dab tool, hemp filter tips, 4 storage containers called pebbles for concentrates and dry herb, Black Rock OG papers (both shorts and kings) and one of my favorites, the grinder card. This thing is like a credit card but is the absolute best grinder I’ve ever used.

BlackRock OG Dab MatEverybody who sees my Black Rock case asks me where I got it and how they can get one. When I tell them, all they have to do is get their own Black Rock OG smell proof safety case or order the card separately on the Black Rock OG website, they’re sold. I’ve met dozens of people that said they’re ordering one after seeing my Black Rock OG case.

Just last week I had a situation where my Black Rock OG Case did something I wasn’t prepared for.  A client noticed something about me that I didn’t. I had a meeting with a client that was scheduled in one of the large office buildings located in downtown Denver. Of course, this wasn’t a normal meeting with my client. There was no smoking inside of our meeting this time or inside of the building at all for that matter. When you walked into the building, it smelled like an office.  Obviously, if you smelled like weed or had some loud on you, you were going to stand out to everyone.
BlackRock OG Case OpenMy client and I had a great meeting and at the end of the meeting, my client even joked and said this is the first time they met with me, and I did not smell like weed. They joked further saying I must have had left all my weed in my car. They were surprised when I whipped out my Black Rock OG case and had about an eighth of Chemdawg, a one-hitter and all the supplies needed to dab along with my Dabsolute Pen.


The Black Rock OG smell proof safety case is like a wallet for my weed. The rugged design is durable and resembles that of a sunglasses case. Nobody knows that my case holds my medicine. Most people think it is a case for my glasses. Discretion is essential in some situations, there is a time and place for everything.


If you’re looking for a discreet way to transport your medicine, then consider the Black Rock OG smell proof safety travel case a great option. Starting at $49.95 these are great for you and as gifts for family and friends! Use Code KIT10 and get $10 off your order! At Marijuana Writers, Black Rock OG is an essential piece of equipment in our daily adventures. If you’re looking for elegance, discretion, and efficiency, when it comes to taking your ganja on the high road, remember the name, BlackRock OG.

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