The Hightanium One-Hitter Hits A Homerun

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The Hightanium is one of the more pleasurable smoking experiences I have enjoyed in a long time when it comes to a one-hitter if not the best.Outlawsideview700

Many one-hitters do not impress me much personally because I like larger bowls or joints. I do understand however some individuals prefer one-hitters so that every hit they take is fresh.

 Vagabond_sideview700The amazing Hightanium one-hitter gives you that perfect clean hit every single time. Unlike traditional metal bats used in many dugouts, the Hightanium one hitter has no metal taste.

This is because there’re no toxic fumes put off like aluminum when the Hightanium one-hitter is heated.The Hightanium not only comes is several stylish designs, but it’s a healthier option than metal bowls for smokers.

You know what else I loved about the Hightanium? It won’t break like a glass chillum will when dropped. I hike a lot and have broken several chillums and spoons by dropping them or simply breaking them in my pocket while climbing a trail.


As if the Hightanium  isn’t cool enough just the way it is, the Hightanium one-hitters are available with bowls that interchange. This makes cleaning easy, but even more so it gives you options.bowlsizes700

Options such as a regular large or extra-large bowl attachment for your one hitter. Now we’re talking. I’m a big fan of the XL on my one hitter. Like I said, I like more major hits, and this baby delivered.

When it comes to incredible styles and designs as one-hitters, the Hightanium designs don’t look like a purple bat or some lame cigarette. You can choose between 5 amazing styles. You will feel the difference the second you pick up a Hightanium.


There’s the High Noon, the Vagabond, the Heavenly Daze,  and my favorite the Outlaw! For someone who wants something a bit more than a one-hitter, there is the Voodoo Custom Pipe!


Starting at $29.95 and up these pumps are amazing collection to anyone’s  smoking accessory collection. Did I mention that I love the fact that these amazing high-quality pipes are handmade in America!

Titanium Weed Pipes | One-Hitters header image


The Hightanium one-hitters will indeed give you a clean, green hit each and every time. It’s like smoking from glass only it is not as fragile.

When you’re looking for an incredible new smoking accessory to add to your collection or a fantastic gift idea, then look no further than Hightanium Design.


I know where I’ll be doing some of my birthday and Christmas shopping this year!

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