Eliminate Marijuana Odors the Natural Way with Kushley

kushley 4Are you a medical marijuana patient who is not open about utilizing cannabis as a treatment option? Are you a mother who regularly hosts children play dates but enjoy a toke of ganja at the end of the day to relax? Are you a business executive that must remain odor free after consuming a joint with your java in the morning? If you answered yes to any of these questions or if you are an individual who has a need for eliminating the odors that marijuana consumption can leave in your home or on your apparel, I highly suggest checking out the product line offered by Kushley.

kushley 3Kushley offers a line of products made from purely organic materials that are formulated to eliminate odors associated with marijuana. I received a box with a Kushley soy candle, a bottle of Kushley hand and body lotion as well as two bottles of their organic fine mist spray. These three products single-handedly eliminated, not masked, but eliminated the odors within my home and on my clothing that had been lingering for days due to my heavy cannabis consumption.

The Kushley soy candle helped to eliminate the smell of marijuana in my home by simply burning it while I was smoking on a joint or taking rips from my dab rig.

When I was getting ready to go to a meeting with a client I was able to quickly mist my clothing before walking out the door and any residual odors from the joint I just smoked were completely gone in a matter of a few moments.

kushley 2There are many different reasons why an individual may want to eliminate the odors that come from smoking cannabis, and Kushley offers products that I guarantee will get the job done at home and on the go.

Environmental odor control is nothing new to the makers of Kushley. The founders and makers of Kushley have been in the environmental odor control industry as consultants for over three decades. Kushley was first founded to help remove the odors associated with the medical marijuana use of chemotherapy patients. Their products have since helped to bring a sense of relief to many individuals by them knowing that their medical marijuana use would not ever cause them to miss a hug again thanks to Kushley’s ability to eliminate any odor of cannabis on them or within their home.

kushley 5Kushley offers many different products to keep you free of marijuana odors anywhere you may be. They offer a Kushley Pocket Personal Mister that is TSA approved and provides over 200 sprays of their organic fine mist spray. They also offer a foaming hand soap with Aloe Vera, a hand, face, and body lotion that is citrus, paraben, and fragrance-free as well as Kushley soy candles.

You can also buy the Kushley fine mist spray in a 1 gallon, 32 ounces, or 4-ounce bottle. Kushley also offers a Kushley gift starter kit that includes one candle, one bottle of lotion, and one 4 ounce bottle of the Kushley fine mist spray. There is also a premium starter kit that includes a 32-ounce refillable bottle of Kushley spray, a 4-ounce bottle of personal mist spray, the Kushley Pocket Personal Mister and one organic Kushley soy candle.

All Kushley products are environmentally friendly, water-based and made from organic ingredients. Kushley products are also handcrafted in the United States. They are specially formulated to eliminate 99.6% of every embedded, body or airborne organic odor resulting in your environment being restored to its fresh & naturally clean smell. No matter what your reason or need for eliminating the smell of cannabis may be, eliminate it the natural way utilizing organic products from Kushley.

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