Healthier, Smarter and Smoke Free Alternatives From Cascadia Vape

It is common knowledge to most that smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products causes detrimental harm to the body. For many years prohibitionists have warned that smoking cannabis or marijuana could cause the same negative effects. Luckily thanks to legalization of cannabis and the research that has been performed thus far we have both anecdotal and scientific evidence that this cannot be further from the truth. In fact, a cannabinoid found in cannabis known as Cannabidiol or CBD is proving to be beneficial in helping people quit tobacco products. Not only is it working to help with the withdrawals it is also helping to repair the damage done to the body from tobacco.

cascadiaAs a long time cigarette smoker, I was excited to receive my package from Cascadia Vape, which included a Vapor Dab e-cig, a bottle of CBD Drip Onyx and a bottle of Relacsin Kava Vape supplement. I was little hesitant at first as I have tried other e-cigs in the past but I would not be vaping nicotine based substances this time I would instead be vaping CBD.



When I first received the Vapor Dab e-cig from Cascadia Vape, I only utilized the CBD Drip Onyx. It provided a great calming sensation, and I have to admit it truly did help me refrain from smoking cigarettes as much as I substituted with my new vape pen. I personally neither disliked nor enjoyed the taste of the Onyx CBD Drip by itself however when I added the Relacsin Kava Vape supplement from CBD Drip, this was a totally different story.


IMG_1483The Relacsin Kava Vape additive from CBD Drip when added to the Onyx CBD Drip product provided a rather pleasant taste. The combination of the Kava additive and the CBD provided a rather relaxed and sedated effect. Choosing to vape with my new dab e-cig from Cascadia Vape rather than smoking a cigarette all the time when I craved one has already started to provide me with improved health. I have utilized this pen and reduced my cigarette smoking from a pack a day to only two packs a week.



I would highly recommend the combination of the Onyx and Relacsin Kava supplement from CBD Drip to anyone looking to cut back on their tobacco consumption as well as to anyone who is looking for the relaxation commonly associated with cannabis-based products without the associated psychoactive effects that come with products that contain THC.

IMG_5577You can purchase the Relacsin Kava supplement in a 7-milliliter drip vial for only $27. This product can be utilized with any e-liquids or herbal oils within any vaporizer or e-cigarette device. The CBD Drip Onyx is one of the most potent CBD Vape Oils available on the market today. This product contains 140 milligrams of CBD and comes in a 7-milliliter unit for only $52. Marijuana Writers thoroughly enjoyed the products we received from Cascadia Vape and highly recommend that you check out their entire product line at CascadiaVape.Net. Cascadia Vape also manages an educational blog which you can find here.

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