Dollar High Club- The Essential Monthly Cannabis Box

Recently we decided to see what all the hype about the different cannabis box services was for ourselves. We sent off for a Dollar High Club box and in a few short days, we had one at our doorstep.


This box couldn’t have come at a better time I tell you. As writers sometimes we get caught up in what we do. Getting the essentials such as papers and filter tips can slip the mind and living in the middle of nowhere, we can’t just run to the corner store to get some. When this happens, you find yourself smoking a lot of bowls. Suddenly when you’re out of papers is when you want to smoke a joint for some reason.


We received all kinds of goodies in our Dollar High Club box! Quintessential hemp tips, a pack of Raw papers, and a pack of Juicy J watermelon cones helped to eliminate that problem of only having a bowl to blaze without having to ride to the store.There was also Dragon Bristle pipe cleaners, a Clipper lighter, 3.3 inch Bee Hemp Wick, some 420 Wipes and some old-school pipe screens.That sounds like a lot but that wasn’t it. There was also an incense holder, a package of Blunt Max incense and a Debowler ashtray.


13183050_1718876468383179_711867669_nDid I mention the cool glass pipe that we got in our box as well? That’s right we even got a unique glass piece. This one was really cool. It was a double bowl spoon. I will admit it is way cooler than it is functional but still packs a hit with a little effort. Being that we are Marijuana Writers, getting a box like this in the mail was like having Christmas in May. The incredible and amazing thing about this is we can also have Christmas in June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.Matter of fact once a month, every month on the calendar can be like a special holiday when we receive our Dollar High Club box.


The El Primo box is where it’s at when you want to have all kinds of great accessories and swag delivered to your door.  The El Primo box is only $30 a month and will include 10-15 products in each box. Including a new glass piece every month!

The Connoisseur box is available for $12 a month and will include 7-9 unique smoking products in each box.


For those who want to make sure they have at least the essentials to get by can opt in to receive the All-Natural box. This box contains 1 pack of 1.25 size all-natural papers, a pack of all-natural filter tips, 3.3′ of Organic Bee Wick and a matchbook each month for only $1 + $2 S&H.


Ultimate Rolling Kit

What a great deal!  The Dollar High Club is just the box you need indeed, and a box is available for every budget! They also offer a store on their website with some awesome products that you can buy a la carte!

Don’t run out of supplies and cry. Order yours today and enjoy the thrill of receiving your Dollar High Club box each month!

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