Toke n Toss and So Much More with Pitch-a-Bowls

Pitch-a-Bowls are the perfect on-the-go smoking accessory when you don’t want to risk breaking or losing your expensive custom glass work. If you’re going to be on the go, perhaps traveling or going to a friend’s backyard cookout the Pitch-a-Bowls line of disposable bowls is just the thing you need for taken a toke with ease.

PictureMaybe you need a bowl that you don’t have to worry about breaking when you’re going to hear your favorite group perform. Simple yet effective both designs from Pitch-a-Bowls offer an enjoyable smoking experience. The “Original” design resembles what I’d call a pocket pipe. The other is a traditional Steamroller. Both come ready to use out of the package and pack one hell of a hit!



Pitch-a-Bowls are made from food grade cardboard. A brass bowl and screen complete each individual pipe. Starting at just $3 each, Pitch-A-Bowls offer all types of potential. This is a great option for a throw and go bowl or as my wife likes to say it’s great for tokin and tossin!


Custom printing & labeling options are on the horizon that will allow businesses to order Pitch-a-Bowls with their custom logos or designs. These will make for an incredible addition to any expo table or vendor booth.

Instead of just giving them a little swag in their bag, you can give them a bowl with a hole and they can use their nugget to plug it.

This great product doesn’t come with rules, direction or gimmicks it just simply works, and it works very well. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the hit you receive when taking a toke from a Pitch-a-Bowls bowl.  Made in the USA and affordable to hand out at promotional events, Pitch-A-Bowls get a thumbs up, fist bump, and a high five for durability, diversity of use and performance from Marijuana Writers. Way to go Pitch-A-Bowls.

Whether you’re looking for a great bowl for your next camping trip, concert or outing or if you are looking for a great goody bag gift to help promote your brand, we highly recommend that you try a recyclable, disposable, affordable bowl from Pitch-A-Bowls. We loved ours.

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