Time To Shine-Put Some 24K In Your Ashtray


Shine 24K Rolling Papers are the for sure way to get your shine on when you are blazin something amazing. As the saying goes don’t just go to the party be the party! At first, we thought a 24k joint wouldn’t burn, and if it did, it was sure to taste funny. The only way to know the answer to this was to find out for ourselves. That’s just what we did

Shine® 12-Sheet PackThey burned great and tasted mighty fine. You don’t have to be a big time baller or a shot calla to have a lil 24k in your ashtray. For as little as a duce, two Hamilton’s, or a dub, you can get your Shine on with 2 of your own Shine 24k Rolling Papers.

Now here at Marijuana Writers, we review some smokin gear. Shine was one we thoroughly enjoyed. These wraps and cones are not something we’d generally go out to buy. We would have worried about them being fragile and tearing easily, not burning smooth, being brittle and falling apart like a bodega blunt but that’s not the case with Shine.

Shine® Gold Blunt WrapsRecently the wife and I were invited to a secluded party. This was a classy gathering and also the perfect occasion for us to get our Shine on. With a few gold joints of some delectable landrace Afghani in hand we set out to rub elbows. The Shine joints and cones quickly drew attention that created conversation. This discussion guided us to successful networking as well as new friends. It all started with one simple question.

Is that real gold you’re smoking?

The rest of the night became a night to remember. Instead of looking for what conversation to become a part of we were the conversation. Like us, for you, your status quo may change when you put a little 24K in your game. When you’re ready to kick it a nickel at the next function, event, party, or special occasion, try Shine. Change it up from the same old fruity papers and clear wraps! It’s your time to shine. Shine with Shine 24K Rolling Papers.

20160504_103338.jpgDid you think that Shine just did rolling papers or have you asked yourself if they carry other ways to do it big? Perhaps you’re one of those inquisitive minds that want to know. Shine has all kinds of ways that you can be the light of the party.

Shine® 12-Sheet Pack

You can get your shine on with White Gold 2-Sheet Packs from Shine called The White, then there’s 12 Sheet 24k Gold Rolling Paper Packs that come in 1 1/4 size. That’s not it by far there’s Tyga by Shine King Size 6-Sheet Packs, Shine Gold Blunt Wraps, a Shine Infinity Cigar and Fat Boy Cigar as well as a Shine Woven Blunt Team Pack and there’s even a Shine Treasure Chest.

Shine® Gold Cone

There are other items available at shinepapers.com that you may find to be just the thing you need to help get your shine on when the time calls for it. Perhaps you may just like to get your shine on all the time. If that’s the case, then the gold life may be just the thing for you.

If you live in Colorado headed over to High Country Healing where you can get your shine on with a tin of Shine Mini-J’s. No matter how bright or how often you want to shine, Shine can help make that happen.

Tyga x Shine® King Size 6-Sheet Pack

When it comes to blazin and amazin occasions, we’ll always have some Shine wraps on hand to brighten up the party with. To make your next sesh or party stand out and be heard like the loud your blazin, there is a for sure way.

 Just put a little 24K in your ashtray!

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