prAna Clothing- Offering Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Fashion

prAna is the name you need to know when you’re on the go. No matter what you do in this life today, it is very likely that you find yourself being very busy on a regular basis. Finding the time to buy personal items such as new shirts and pants can be a challenge. It is even more of a challenge if you’re trying to buy something that is of high quality.


Stores will have you going from one end of town to the next only to be disappointed with cheap knockoff style products made with poor quality materials. Ordering from internet stores can save you time and money but often it is a frightful experience because very rarely do you get what you actually ordered. If you do get what you ordered the size is most often times not right.


My wife and I are always looking for clothes that help to promote sustainability. PrAna has caught our attention as a company that does just that. The prAna mission is “To Inspire Healthy, Active, and Free-Spirited Living” and they have partnered with entities such as bluesign® to guarantee that their products are of the highest standards in regards to the environment as well as human safety.

They have also partnered with Fair Trade USA to offer Fair Trade Certified™ products that are guaranteed to be manufactured by individuals in satisfactory working conditions.


In our industry, there are a lot of things green. One thing that we pride ourselves on is being as friendly to the environment as we possibly can. PrAna actively supports sustainability by offering products that are made from materials such as Hemp, Organic Cotton, Repurposed Down, Recycled Wool, and Recycled Polyester. These materials leave a very minimal impact on the environment and are overall healthier to expose your body to as well. When choosing items from the selection at prAna we chose to go with some hemp clothing as hemp is the best example of a green and sustainable crop.


The shirt and pants we picked out are amazing. They were not only perfect in size they were comfortable and soft to wear. Curious as to how they would up after a few washes we decided to put them to the test and are happy to report that they’ve held up to several washes and have not lost that new look or feel one bit.

mantra pantThe prAna line of clothing is made for people who live an active lifestyle. From climbing and hiking to cycling, jogging, yoga, and more no matter what you do, prAna clothing provides you with patterns and styles that are as active and amazing as you. prAna truly brings an enjoyable experience to the online clothing purchasing process. We feel that anyone who is looking for high-quality, sustainable clothing line should know about prAna.

In 1992 in a town known as Carlsbad, California the birth of prAna occurred in a garage at the home of Pam and Beaver Theodosakis. Today prAna has grown to become a company that provides environmentally friendly clothing and accessories to people around the world.


Understanding how to make clothing that fits an active lifestyle while utilizing sustainable materials and remaining fashionable at the same time is a gift that prAna possesses. It is evident in any and every piece of clothing you will purchase from them. We here at Marijuana Writers highly recommend their amazing line of both men and women clothing products. Check them out for yourself today here!

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