Mesa Organics – We Hope to See You There!


Are you looking for a place in Pueblo Colorado where you can find safe access to medical grade cannabis in a comfortable retail cannabis setting? If you answered yes then I have just the place for you. Mesa Organics is the place I recommend you go and visit. They just had their official grand opening this month on 4/20. They are a small privately owned dispensary that I am sure you will love.

20160419_183516Space Queen, Blackjack, Purple Urkle, Master Kush, and the Blue Dream/Tangie hybrid are just some of the delectable tasting medicinal herbs you will find at Mesa Organics. While you’re there, I suggest trying some of Infinite Infusions Tangerine Dream shatter and an Incredibles Affogato cannabis-infused candy bar with vanilla, latte, espresso beans, and caramel!


Matter of fact after writing about all of this I think I’m going to head over there right now to get myself some of these fine supplies. The owners Pam and Jim are phenomenal people who will make you feel warm and welcome with every visit. If you’re thinking about visiting a dispensary in the Pueblo Colorado area today, or anytime soon I suggest highly that you head over to Mesa Organics. I’m on my way there now. Who knows maybe we’ll see you there!20160419_171907

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