The La Clinica Joint Fundraising Project


The CCGA  Helping You Help Others

The La Clinica Joint Fundraising Project Brought To You By The Colorado Cannabis Growers Association

La Clinica, just what is it? Allow me to share with you this wonderful community effort. They say the mood is set by the environment in which we surround ourselves with. Here’s a chance to enhance your surroundings, creating an atmosphere of endless potential and inspiration. What if I were to tell you that you can do this while helping to strengthen a community. The feeling of doing something good for others will invoke passion and the serenity of inner peace every time you visit this amazing environment.

Would you like to have an alternative workspace that offers tranquility and the natural beauty of Colorado to work from? Would you like the chance to contribute to a community and help change lives? If you answered yes, then here’s an opportunity that you must know about.

For a contribution of $2,400 (Tax- Deductible), you can receive access to office space at the THC and CBD Medical Information and Resource Center controlled by the Colorado Cannabis Growers Association for one year.


This tax deductible donation includes all utilities and high-speed internet. Wow! 365 days of internet/utilities in an office space for you or your employees, That’s amazing! Just imagine. Having access to this workspace will allow you and your employees to be around industry leaders, educators and speakers while at this location.  The opportunity to network in a peaceful setting rather than a packed expo or convention is priceless in itself. Your contribution will go to help the La Clinica Joint Fundraising Project. This project aims to raise money to bring this Clinic back to life. La Clinica will offer a true medical hub for factual information surrounding medical marijuana.


 Your Tax-deductible contribution will also be applied to help staff four doctors. Professionals who’d be available at the clinic periodically throughout each month offering medical marijuana exams. This exceptional project’s goal is to raise $15,000! Every penny helps, and anyone can contribute to the success of the La Clinica Joint Fundraising Project.   This community effort is also in need of things other than cash donations. They are highly in need of skilled Plumbers, Carpenters, and Electricians willing to donate their expertise, time and skills. They will also kindly accept artwork, computers, musical instruments, flowers, beverages, and most importantly and most helpful volunteers.

The cannabis culture always has been and always will be centered around bringing happiness, love, and peace to those around us. Those rooted in the subculture that is cannabis are very giving, kind and compassionate individuals who love to give back to their communities. What better way to give back to a community than to help provide medical services that may otherwise not be available to the citizens in this area.


The La Clinica sub-building controlled by the Colorado Cannabis Growers Association is located in Gardner, Colorado. This unincorporated town in Huerfano County, Colorado is home to approximately 679 people according to the 2014 census. Having access to comprehensive medical care near home is important for the health needs of the citizens in this area. Your contribution can help fulfill this need. Through helping provide these medical services you may just help change a life!


This Joint Fundraising Project is also looking to set up a registered cannabis and hemp seed bank to help preserve valuable seed genetics. Volunteers, as well as the Colorado Cannabis Growers Association, will meet every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon throughout the month of April to clean up the property as well as to conduct minor building repairs. Volunteers will also be performing several different landscaping tasks including planting flowers, trees and a community garden on the site. To learn more about this amazing opportunity or the fundraising project as a whole contact Travis Nelson, President of the CCGA.

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