Howard Marks AKA Mr. Nice, You'll Be Missed

My heart is heavy today as we say goodbye to a legendary individual in the cannabis community. When it comes to cannabis breeders and ganja growers, this person helped to influence many.

I’m talking about none other of course than the legendary Howard Marks AKA Mr. Nice. This legendary cannabis smuggler, author, activist, and friend to many has left us to continue to the next part of life’s journey. Howard Marks born Aug 13, 1945 ¬†was known throughout the community by the nickname of Mr. Nice.

Dennis Howard Marks was predominately known for being a Welsh drug smuggler who allegedly had connections with the IRA, M16, the mafia, and the CIA. After spending 7 years in Terre Haute Federal Penitentiary, Howard became an author and went on to fight for legalization efforts around the world.

He had a seed bank called Mr. Nice Seeds. He represented others in the cannabis industry as well. Howard Marks was friends with legendary cannabis breeders/growers Neville Schoenmakers and Shantibaba. Together they took every award for cannabis at a past High Times Cannabis Cup.

When it comes to the cannabis you enjoy and the individuals who helped to preserve the future of it, this is one of them. If you don’t know much about Howard Marks, then I suggest you Google the name Howard Marks AKA Mr. Nice. He is a true legend that has left a mark on the cannabis culture that will live on forever.

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