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Colorado is literally like the Amsterdam of America. It is the most incredible place I’ve ever had the privilege of living. It was a long road to get here and an unsure trip at times, but it was all worth it. Living in the country in Colorado is absolutely beautiful. It is a writer’s paradise. No disturbances, no loud neighbors, nothing but open skies and beautiful land in the background.


Being a writer here in Colorado is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. To experience the freedom of being able to smoke and possess marijuana and not be in fear of going to jail for This truly is an incredible gift. It is the first time I have ever actually felt free. I have been a cannabis consumer my entire life. Being born into cannabis gives me a different Outlook and perspective to it than most.

The people that I have got to meet in this industry are absolutely inspirational individuals. Motivated progressive, forward-thinking, stoners if you will, you can call them whatever you like. Thanks to these people many are experiencing cannabis for the first time and receiving the benefits it has to offer. Cannabis does not always cure every issue that everyone has, and it may cure you. However, the chances are that it can help you live a better quality of life. It can contribute to keeping you from taking dangerous opiates and other harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

Having access to a multitude of different strains of cannabis along with an endless line of tinctures edibles and accessories is truly a stoner’s paradise. If you are a connoisseur of cannabis, you will understand that it is not necessarily about the highest THC count. Some of the best strains out there are not 27% of 35% THC. The winners of High Times Cannabis Cup awards are generally in the vicinity of 17 to 22%.

There’s a variety of cannabinoids that work together to create the desired effect one is after. Out of the diversity of cannabis I’ve tried since I have been in Colorado, the only three strains have stood out to me thus far. UK Cheese, pure Afghani, and a strain called Flo. The flavor profile and Buzz associated with them were fantastic.  This comes from somebody who smokes all day every day.

The diversity in cannabis dispensaries is abundant throughout the state. I have found that some places will try to sell you on the highest THC strains of ganja right off the bat while others are inquisitive as to what you enjoy. Prices vary all over the state of Colorado when it comes to buying marijuana. You can find yourself paying more in Colorado for some pot then you would in a state where marijuana is completely illegal still such as Tennessee. For example, the average going rate of a gram of pot in Tennessee is $20 a gram.


There are many places here in Colorado where marijuana is legal that sell weed for 18, 20, 25 dollars a gram and up. This means you are paying more in a legal state then you are on the black market. However, this is generally for those who don’t know their cannabis strains very well or are readily suggested as to what to purchase.

You can find some amazingly delicious marijuana for a good price still. $7 a gram for some purple is an amazing price. Cannasseur in Pueblo Colorado had a selection of three different $7 a gram varieties of ganja. The purple is what I like the most and was extremely impressed with. Coming in at $50 a quarter plus tax this strain is a winner-winner chicken dinner!


Standing in my front yard smoking a joint while I’m doing yard work is not something I take for granted. There are many individuals out there today who are still being subjected to punishment from marijuana prohibition. It is no longer a fight or a battle in prohibition for me.

I have a new mission that is much more passive and peaceful. It is to share knowledge and spread education about cannabis and all that it is. Community, culture, history, and the diversity that creates one of the most loving unique groups of people on the planet. That is what cannabis is to me.

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