Florida Moves Closer To MMJ

The Sunshine State AKA Florida has been losing residents to states that have legal recreational marijuana laws or at best medical marijuana laws that are accessible for patients. There’s been legal issues tying up the process that would allow doctors to obtain low THC medications for MMJ patients in the state of Florida.


A new law that was signed by Governor Rick Scott at the end of March allowed for another nursery based out of Gainesville by the name of San Felasco to grow cannabis. This will make for a total of six nurseries in the state of Florida that have permission to grow cannabis. That is as long as San Felasco Nurseries comes up with their 5-million-dollar performance bond that is required by state law.


Once this is done, the nursery will have 75 days in which they can request the authorization for growing cannabis. In November, a law that would allow for many different conditions in which medical marijuana patients would be able to receive medicine, will be on the ballot. By November of this year, America will know what the 20-plus million people who live in Florida think about marijuana legalization.


Hopefully, the state will stop playing games with these patients and allow access to this amazing plant. We will keep our eye on the Sunshine State and let you know about any breaking news in regards to cannabis reform laws in Florida.

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