Sam Brownback Give Those Kids Back

Kids Kidnapped in Kansas By Kansas DCF

Gee Toto, it sure doesn’t feel like we’re in Kansas anymore! I sure wish we could go home! If this sounds all too familiar, you might be thinking it’s part of the classic movie The Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with this famous Kansas phrase. The state of Kansas apparently has a problem with cash flow and their solution is to steal children from medical marijuana patients.

This is not only a problem it’s an unconstitutional one that will require the action of the community at whole. The state is acting like gangster thugs by kidnapping and forcibly removing U.S. citizen’s children from their homes against their will and the will of their parents.

To me, that sounds like kidnapping. Too many other people in the United States of America that also sounds like kidnapping. This is just what is happening with a family by the name of the Schwab family. Raymond Schwab is the United States military veteran, a husband, and a loving father. Raymond had his children kidnapped from him by the state of Kansas in a most unfortunate set of circumstances. Raymond chooses medical cannabis to help treat his PTSD.

The state of Kansas is in a financial crisis, and the solution appears to be stealing the children of medical marijuana patients such as Raymond Schwab and Shona Banda. Alleged reports say that some of the most horrible and Unthinkable things have occurred to these poor children while in the custody of the state of Kansas.

The officials in the state of Kansas including the governor of Kansas or still playing on Reefer Madness. They are completely in the wrong and should be charged as criminals and held accountable for the unconstitutional and criminal acts they have committed!

Raymond Schwab endured a 17-day hunger strike to make a statement to the public. The fight to return the Schwab family children to their home and their parents is one that is gaining national coverage. Cheryl Shuman along with Jennifer Lynn and Sergio Sandoval are helping to spearhead a campaign that will hopefully bring solid and swift results.

The kids for cash epidemic involving the Kansas government kidnapping medical marijuana patient’s children must stop! A federal lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the Schwab family. This Federal lawsuit was filed against the state of Kansas as well as Governor Brownback.

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