A Marine and His Quest For Cannabis

A Marine Who Wants Access to Medical Marijuana 


Sergeant Sean J Major Sergeant of Marines at Wounded Warrior Battalion

Sean J Major is a member of the United States Marine Corps. Sean also has suffered four traumatic brain injuries and is currently an active participant of the Wounded Warrior Battalion. I had a chance to speak with Sean and got to hear his story personally. His story is one that is born from the 90s. A time when racial profiling and tensions were high. Sean went through some troubles as a youth. He, however, found inspiration in joining the United States Marine Corps after making a promise to a teacher who laid her head on her desk and cried during the 911 attack on our nation.

Sean remembers this day all too well. The principal came to the door and advised the teacher not to turn on the television. Doing exactly opposite of what the principal said the teacher locked the door and turned the television on. The teacher was a retired Air Force veteran. The attack on the country left her in tears. Sean did not know it at the time, but this would be the fuel for the fire that would ignite his career in the United States Marines. While serving in the Marine Corps, Sean suffered four traumatic brain injuries. One was received while conducting practice exercises in the Pacific Rim. Sean also lives with PTSD like so many other soldiers who have dedicated their lives to serving the American people and protecting our freedoms.


Sean is making major headway when it comes to cannabis and Military Officers. He is the first United States Marine to be given permission to work with cannabis. He also just recently received a physician’s referral to treat himself with cannabis and has put in a request with the United States Marines. With an average of 22-50 military veterans committing suicide and passing away from prescription overdoses each day and no relief in sight, cannabis is a welcomed alternative for those who are suffering. Our nation’s leaders can send our men and women to fight wars in other countries that they have started. However, when these individuals return home and require medical treatment the solution is to bombard them with prescription drugs.


I guess this helps to pay for the lobbying support that politicians receive from the pharmaceutical industry. Cannabis is a safe alternative that many U.S. Veterans are choosing to treat themselves with as opposed to the countless prescription drugs. Efforts such as Operation Over Med, Operation Trapped, and others are designed to bring awareness to this growing problem. Cannabis has the potential to help these men and women, and it deserves the attention of both the American public as well as our political and congressional leaders. The men and women of our military are the reason we have the freedoms we do today. If they would rather treat themselves utilizing natural plants such as cannabis opposed to deadly and dangerous prescription drugs, then they should be allowed to do so.

“Recovering from four service-connected Traumatic Brain Injuries while creating three companies focused on the reemployment of our wounded, ill, and injured post-war service members. The Wounded Warrior Battalion has created an environment that allows me to focus on my future. I am so blessed to know exactly what I want in life with a solid plan to ensure I continue to be successful. My recent graduation from THCU, has been rewarding to say the least. The anticipation of attending Cal Poly Pomona for sustainable organic agriculture is immeasurable.”

Sean J Major is a living breathing example of a warrior. This Warrior will not sit silently while his brothers and sisters suffer. Part of what they teach our military is to always watch out for one another and respect brotherhood. What they seem to have forgotten on a political level is to practice this themselves. Sean J Major, Marijuana Writers supports you in your effort to treat yourself with medical marijuana as an alternative option to the countless amount of prescription drugs that you are prescribed currently. We are always here to help share your journey with the world.


The United States Marine Corps is showing progression towards cannabis. They are allowing Sean to attend Cal Poly Tech where he is working in an agricultural and horticultural program growing marijuana amongst other things. The Marine Corps even paid for his tuition to attend Cal Poly Tech. Veterans such as Sean J Major, Kate Cochran Morgan, and Mike Whiter are going above and beyond their call of duty to help their brothers and sisters. They are on a regular mission to educate our political leaders, government officials, and the general public as to the enormous list of potential benefits from medicinal cannabis.

Article by: James Priest

Marijuana Writers



  1. Is there any updates on Sgt Sean major?? I was hoping this had been approved because I too am in the military and suffer from anxiety and depression.

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