Oregon Smoked What Economists Predicted

The state of Oregon is blowing away what economists had originally predicted that the state would see in taxes from legal recreational marijuana sales. Economists and other financial theorists had predicted that the state would see an estimated two to three million dollars in taxes from legal recreational marijuana sales this year. Oregon evidently did not like these numbers and decided to completely blow these numbers out of the water in just one month.

Late last year legal medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Oregon were able to open their doors for recreational marijuana consumers. In the beginning, recreational consumers enjoyed purchasing legal cannabis tax-free however on January 4th a 25% tax on all recreational Cannabis sales went into effect in the state. In just one month Oregon saw 3.48 million dollars in recreational marijuana taxes. That means in just one month they brought in more than what people had predicted they would bring in all year.

At this rate, Oregon could see an excess of over 36 million dollars in recreational marijuana taxes this year. This is an incredible amount of money being introduced to the state’s budget. This amount of money can do an incredible amount of good for many different educational and medical programs within the state among other things. This is only the beginning for Oregon and here at Marijuana Writers, we can’t wait to see the success that is to come.

Congratulations to Oregon on successfully implementing a legal recreational marijuana program in the state and proving to the world just how beneficial this plant can be for our economy.

By: Ashley Priest

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