DuraBowl is One Durable Bowl


DuraBowl is a rather simple invention and is very similar to a chillum. At first, I was a little hesitant because the DuraBowl kind of resembled a piece of plastic. This hesitation, however, quickly went up in smoke after trying this little beauty out. First let me say the DuraBowl hits like a beast! The DuraBowl is made from ceramic and is an extremely rugged and durable bowl. Similar looking to a high-pressure nozzle on the end of a garden hose this little bowl can house approximately a half – ¾ gram of greenage. Here at Marijuana Writers, we put the DuraBowl to the test.


After more than a week of rugged abuse this power hitting device definitely earned its ratings among the 4:20 approved. The durability and design allowed for some pretty rugged torture. We gave it the fall off my lap drop on the concrete test, and it passed! That one alone was a huge one in our books. We gave it the hit it with all you got test, that was a mistake! Let’s just say I turned into a snot drooling, red face, teary eyed, cough monster. In other words, be careful when you hit this bad boy. Once the proper draw has figured out, the DuraBowl quickly became one of our favorite pieces. The cap prevents any kind of spillage in your pocket or during transportation which was a big bonus for us as we spend hours hiking and in nature when we can.

DB 4

A good friend who is in the construction business saw this bowl and wanted to try it out themselves. I kindly obliged because I was eager to hear someone else’s thoughts as well. My friend does a lot of different types of construction and has all sorts of tools in his work truck. Amongst those many tools are the many PVC parts he has on hand. The DuraBowl was kept amongst these PVC parts while he was going to and from work when not in use. While in his possession and on his way home from work he found himself going through a random sobriety and vehicle check. This piece was completely overlooked and never found. It blended in as my friend said like natural camouflage.

DB 3


For under $20 you can have this amazing piece in your collection. This includes shipping and the price of the bowl. There’s no funny taste whatsoever associated with this amazing bowl. The ceramic does not burn. A simple screen inserted will assure that none of your flowers pull through while you are consuming them.

Are you tired of dropping your glass chillum off of your lap every time you go to the gas station and breaking it? You bet you are. You should acquire yourself one of these amazing rugged little pipes today and stop this from ever happening to you again.


Marijuana Writers 420 approves this rugged smoking accessory and assures you that this is one durable, DuraBowl!


  1. Holy moly, this is GREAT!!! Thank you! Can you please let me know if there is any specific hashtags you want me to use when we post this?


    1. Thanks Lauren! Loved the DuraBowl, it is an amazing product! Feel free to use any hashtags you wish. Below are a few that I have been using here and there!

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      1. Oh my. I will get my social media guy on this #oldchick 😉

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