CBD-Only, Won’t Help Me

When it comes to marijuana legalization in the United States of America, many individuals believe that CBD-only laws are a step in the right direction for cannabis patients. This actually is very far from the truth for medical marijuana patients. CBD-only laws are not effective.


If you are going to vote yes for a CBD-only law, you should know a few things first. The main thing is that CBD only is not effective for treating cancers and seizures that you read about in the news. To treat these disorders, THC is required, along with other compounds that are found in the cannabis plant.


For this reason, whole plant therapy is the only answer for medicinal marijuana. Marijuana prohibition needs to come to an end! Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana shouldn’t even be the issue. Unfortunately, this will most likely never happen due to monetary greed.


Individuals who are hardworking, tax paying citizens, that live in the United States of America, are having to move to one of four states, where marijuana is currently legal on a recreational level in order for them to have access to marijuana.

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Access that they need in order to save their children’s lives or their own. These individuals are being referred to as medical refugees. In this day in age, the fact that we allow citizens in our own country to become medical refugees is disgusting and downright not American! We have allowed corporate greed, pharmaceutical companies, and alcohol and tobacco companies to dictate our lives and rule our government for far too long.


There are individuals out there who are suffering the greatest consequences and the most severe pain, while our political leaders are playing games with the lives of sick, men, women, and children.


Political figures that need convincing that cannabis is safe and is a great alternative to prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco need to be removed from office! That should be their form of convincing. The only thing they are truly convinced by is the amount of dollars you put in their bank account when you are a lobbying for their support.


CBD, THC, CVG, and several other compounds combined with the bodies endocannabinoid system help to control, manage and eliminate a multitude of symptoms and sometimes even correct conditions within the human body. For me, it is a sad day to hear a child say I’d rather be illegally alive than legally dead.


If you agree with me, then it’s time to start writing our politicians and lawmakers. Let them know they must change their viewpoints, opinions, and stances on marijuana legalization or they will be out of a job. The science is in and the proof is evident that marijuana is a medicine and it is safe!


 Those who do not listen to the people, are not for the people. They’re for themselves, profiting, and are controlled by greed. The next time you go to vote on a marijuana reform law make sure that it’s not a CBD-only law.

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If this is the only law that is on the table to be voted on in your state, then you need to rally harder to make laws that will help medical patients where you live. Together we can tip the scales of injustice towards the favor of the American People instead of the American Politician! Let’s set an example the rest of the world can go by!


Contact the White House and your State Representatives today and tell them that you support the end of cannabis prohibition and educate them as to why they should as well.


  1. Echinacea has low levels THC so add the tincture to your diet or take a supplement. People don’t balk at that flower like they are programmed to do with THC mentions. Ooolala.

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