The Obama Administration Wasting More Tax Dollars on National Drug Policy Reviews


The Obama administration is set to go over a complete review of the national drug policies. Recreational marijuana and medical marijuana will get a good look over. Yeah right! This review will entail a full appraisal of this disastrous and wasteful policy and start the new year off. It’s one of the first orders of business for the federal government in 2016. More than likely not much will come of this other than the government may be losing the reigns on medical marijuana laws. We might see a possible rescheduling of marijuana from schedule I to schedule II. Many view this is the government’s way to gain control over citizens and marijuana. Laws that have recently been revised seem to point towards only allowing citizens with prescription access to marijuana.


GW Pharmaceuticals meanwhile is on the verge of owning the patent for marijuana. They, of course, merged with Horta Pharma. David Watson aka Sam the Skunkman is the CEO of Horta Pharma. The synthetic drug Sativex is a brainchild of GW Pharmaceuticals. Personally, I don’t think anyone should own the patent for marijuana and see a very devious scheme that developed around David Watson story from the start. I find it hard to go from cannabis breeder and grower to pharmaceutical tyrant. I guess people will do anything for the right amount of money.


The synthetic versions of cannabis are deadly even though they are pharmaceutically engineered in a controlled environment and FDA approved. Cannabis still has 0 deaths linked directly to it. You cannot say that about any prescription medication on the market today. The Obama administration reviewing the national drug policies is nothing more when a way for them to elaborately waste yet millions of dollars more of taxpayers money and yet again accomplished virtually nothing. Obama has not been good for marijuana legalization contrary to what people may believe. It will be a relief to see him out of office. Onward to a new batch of lies.

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