Growing Your Own Cannabis is Therapeutic in Itself


When it comes to the treatment of a multitude of different medical illnesses cannabis is making waves throughout the medical community. Marijuana is proven to help control many symptoms that are associated with diseases of all types. From cancers and epilepsy to PTSD and autism marijuana is showing great success in treating and helping individuals to manage their symptoms. Cannabis oil along with whole plant therapy are proving to work wonders in many ways.

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Cannabis is giving young children the ability to walk, talk, breathe, and live a normal life for the first time as well as giving parents the joy and relief of not watching their child suffer on a daily basis. That alone is priceless if you have ever been in those parent’s shoes. With PTSD, it is helping our soldiers as well as other individuals who live with this disorder on a daily basis. Cannabis helps to soothe the minds of these individuals and ease the pain that they are suffering from for many.

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Growing marijuana is proving to be as therapeutic as consuming it. For example, individuals who suffer from PTSD are finding great therapeutic relief in the gardening aspects that are associated with growing cannabis. They also, tend like anyone, to benefit from the nurturing process involved with growing a plant. Not only do they get the benefits and therapy from gardening they also get the benefits of growing their own medicine and the peace of mind that comes with it.

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This is often a very crucial and essential thing that allows for a calm, peaceful environment for those who suffer from PTSD. So if you’re considering growing your own cannabis for the therapeutic aspects and attributes associated with it, there is one thing to know. That is most likely you’re going to love it! Grow it for fun, grow it for medicine, grow it just to see if you can. Who knows you may find a new hobby that becomes a passion that stems from a deep connection to a diversity of cultures from around the globe.

Story by JamesP of  Marijuana Writers

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  1. Hay I know I use to grow it many years ago, know all the in’s and out’s of growing pot hemp whatever marijuana I will always love the smell. People who say it smells like crap have had their heads shovel so far up their asses, ha ha ha they can’t smell anything else. I smell profits when Canada gets their thumb out of their asses, Change the freakin laws already.

    1. Thanks for reading friend and sharing. We support changing laws around the globe giving people
      access to cannabis!

  2. For 50+ years, I have only been able to grow older. However, being a veteran with PTSD, I am curious about learning more. The black market where I am from isn’t cost effective. Please let me know more.

    1. We have a writer that lives with PTSD. I can get you all kinds of info on this topic. Cannabis helps them and they have beaten pills thanks to cannabis. Thank you for you service. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. By sharing stories like this we can help. If even one veteran finds help with this article it is more than wort it. Feel free to reach out and contact me on my website and we can get you more info😉

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