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I ran across Sea Salt Pipes and thought to myself, I have to try one. As a home chef, I understand the importance of how salt carries flavor. I wondered could this same effect happen by smoking from this pipe? I love salt, probably a little bit more than I should. Also my passion for things of nature is huge. I spoke with the owner and founder of Sea Salt Pipes and had one mailed to me. I was excited to try my new piece as so many of my friends today all are into glass.


First I’d like to give you a little bit of information about Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. It comes from deep within the earth under the Himalayan mountains. These crystallized beds of sea salt are buried by lava and have been packed under snow preserving the salts purity. Many believe that Himalayan sea salt could be one of the purest forms of salt on the planet.


Beyond being said to help detoxify your body by removing heavy metals, Himalayan pink sea salt is said to reduce aging and increase your libido. There are many benefits associated with Pink Himalayan sea salt. Benefits such as it increases hydration, it helps to regulate water inside and out when it comes to your cells, and it also helps to promote your bodies electrolyte balance.


Pink Himalayan sea salt may prevent your muscles from cramping, contribute to strengthening your bones while lowering your blood pressure, and it does this all at the same time. Another crucial role that Himalayan pink sea salt plays with us is it helps the intestines to better absorb nutrients. Pink Himalayan sea salt is said to be some of the purest in the world if not the purest in the world. Now you can give yourself the pleasure of owning a smoking device that is made from this beautiful and unique element of Earth.


The occasional wood pipe or stone pipe still catches my eye and holds a certain appeal to me. These Sea Salt Pipes are not made from just any sea salt these pieces are made from Himalayan sea salt. My pipe arrived promptly and discreetly in the mail. I was curious as to how it would work, taste, and feel in my hand. From the inhale to the exhale this sea salt pipe offers an amazing experience.

This all natural sea salt pipe carved from authentic Himalayan sea salt brings you closer to nature every time you choose to use it. The maker of the Sea Salt Pipes began creating them for herself and those close to her. After getting great feedback from a few select friends and family she had gifted these salt pipes to, she decided to offer them to the world.


In my personal experience with this incredible piece of nature, it has provided me with a cleaner and smoother hit of herbs than any other smoking device I have ever had the pleasure of using for flowers. As many of you may wonder, yes this sea salt pipe does leave a hint of salt behind on your lips after every inhale which provides a different experience than any other smoking device.trh

To me this makes the herbs that I am consuming taste even better just as salt on food amplifies and enhances the taste. Not only do the Sea Salt Pipes provide a one-of-a-kind experience each one of them are completely unique from the next. Cleaning this piece was easier than I thought. I just stuck a toothpick down the hole and out came all the resin.

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I scraped it off the toothpick with a knife to see if it tasted different and to my surprise it tasted completely normal. Yes, I smoked the resin out of a clean glass piece to see if I tasted salt, but still the taste was clean and there was no hint of salt. The Sea Salt Pipes are available for purchase in two different sizes. This pipe offers one of the cleanest smoking experiences that I’ve had in a long while. I’d highly recommend them to anyone I know. Get yours today, HERE.


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