Holiday Bests from Marijuana Writers to You

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A friend in need needs a friend with weed! :)-~

We here at Marijuana Writers would like to wish you a safe and happy holidays from our family to yours. The holiday time, of the year, brings out the best in everybody. Remember to carry this spirit with you throughout the entire year. A single seed can tip the scale, and that goes with random acts of kindness as well. Be kind, compassionate, and caring this holiday season and the rest of next year. Let’s work together to change the planet for the better. It’s time for the people to save the world we live in before the 1% destroys it in the name of profit. On a final note, we’d like to give our deepest appreciation and utmost admiration to our nation’s military. To the many men and women who’ve given us the freedoms that we have today, and to the many peacekeeping individuals around the world who dedicate their lives to help better others.
Happy Holidays from:
🌲🌲 Marijuana Writers 🌲🌲

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