11 Tips to Conserve on Your Weed for When You Need it the Most

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There are many theories out there on how to conserve on your Mary Jane. We have tried them all as all of our weed keeps burning up in a series of small fires. No matter how hard we try we always run out. People will go back and forth on what’s more efficient? A joint? Or a bowl?


Well, it’s kind of a, what came first, the plant or the seed, the chicken or the egg and is the glass half empty or half full kind of question to answer but here’s what we have to say. After almost 40 years of studying this question here’s the answer.

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A chicken was found laying eggs under a pot plant while smoking a joint with half a glass of water and a picture to fill it back up when it was empty. Wait that’s not the answer you were after you were looking for the best ways to conserve on your weed. Well, here you go friend. These are just our opinion and we find the best way to conserve is to make sure to have enough ganja on hand to never run out.

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A stash for a rainy day is a great idea. If you’re a heavy consumer several stashes will help you prepare to not run out or herb  when you forget to re-up, can’t afford to re-up, or for dreaded dry spells. Pack a bowl and take a journey with us on ways to conserve your weed.

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  •  Bowls are great for you and maybe another person when you are looking to conserve. Just pack one up and light the side when you hit it. Snuff it out after each hit and a bowl can last you hours while you study or work. We find that joints burn up a lot in between hits and if you should get sidetracked say working, playing a game or, chatting on social media. We all know this can happen a joint will go up in smoke! Plus your bowl saves great resin for later. It’s kind of old school dabs. It takes some work to clean but the rewards are stoney.

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  • Smoke Joints with 4 or more. If you are smoking a joint with 4 or more people, the joint will pass around slow enough to give you time to hold your hit deep and not glamor hit it. Then you can breathe for a second before it makes its way back around to you. A good mix of oxygen and marijuana makes for a nice level high.
  • Gravity bongs, Water pipes, and steam rollers are great for huge hits, but they burn up your weed just like a 4 barrel Holley Quadrajet carb on a racecar burns gas. They are loud, fast, and fun to look at but cost a lot to maintain.
  • Switch up your strains of Mary Jane as smoking the same cannabis all the time can cause you to become to use to the buzz. Cycling through different types of marijuana often will help prevent a tolerance from occurring.
  • Get a fellow bud to match you. Two is almost always better than one and we know most of us like to have a bud to blaze with anyway.
  • Hold that hit! Too many people today glamor smoke. Taking a big hit and blowing it out right away is a waste, sure you may get a buzz for beginners but a seasoned smoker will tell you to hold that hit! Taking a smaller hit that you can hold allows more of the ganja to get to where you want it.


  • Grow your own marijuana. This may not seem conservative but it is far cheaper and then you can enjoy smoking without the finical burden that comes from buying marijuana. Just be sure it’s legal to grow where you live or else the cost may be cheaper to just keep buying it.
  • Smoke first thing in the morning aka the wake and bake to get your buzz started right. If you can hold out a few hours before each time you smoke you will notice your buzz more and it will save you green in your wallet and you sack.
  • Move to a state where weed is LEGAL. Black market dealers make a killing selling the herb at as high as $20 and $30 a gram. Now that’s highway robbery but it is a common occurrence. In legal states, you can often find people to trade things for weed or that will even give it to you for free.

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  • Become a marijuana writer. Be good at what you do and you will find yourself surrounded in marijuana every day. When you love what you do it shows and loves you back. It goes with the saying love the world and she’ll love you back.
  • Start your own cannabis business and make your passion your daily job. The rewards from working win the cannabis industry are endless.
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A friend in need needs a friend with weed! :)-~

Smoke a toke and dream big, in the meantime. The sky’s the limit and if you get just high enough you can touch the clouds. Educate while you medicate and allow it to motivate you to create.

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Create a change and make things happen. Go green and save the planet one seed at a time. It takes more than changing a light bulb to go green. Together we can help cannabis help the planet.

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Marijuana legalization will fix all kinds of things.From repairing the land and air to healing the people. A green planet is a happy planet and only you can assure that our future will be green. Thanks for reading our ways to save on the green. We hope you enjoyed and stay lifted budz!

This articles is ment to be a guidleine for newcomers and those who recently became poor. All mentioned methods of conservation above are only suggestions. We hope you enjoy these tips and be sure to share them with a bud! Contact your local Senate office found in the front of any phonebook and tell them you support marijuana legalization and they should too.



  1. I’ve had a stash in a glass jar ready for the festive season! Great post again guys, love your work. Stay Lifted

    1. Thanks budd! We thought with all the new poor people in the world, perhaps some would have to learn what it’s like to conserve on the ganja. So why not let them know what we’ve known for years! Thanks for reading and stay lifted!

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