Why Was Marijuana Not Legalized in Ohio and What's Next?

It came as quite the surprise to many that Issue 3 did not pass during this week’s vote. This was the first legislation that citizens got to vote on that could have legalized adult consumption, possession, and cultivation of cannabis within the state. The state showed in recent polls that the majority was in favor of legalization, so why did the initiative backed by Responsible Ohio not pass? There is one simple answer, greed. Responsible Ohio’s initiative was built on greed which would have created a monopoly in the marijuana industry if legalized. The prohibition of cannabis was founded upon greedy intentions and racial tendencies. The prohibition has cost the American taxpayers trillions of dollars since enacted. It has made private prisons billions of dollars and it has made a countless amount of money for the pharmaceutical industry. If cannabis were legal, many of the thousands of different pharmaceuticals that are available, would not have been the number one choice for treatment of several different common ailments that millions suffer from.

Ohio Marijuana Legalization

The Right Legislation

The American people and the individuals in the cannabis community are about freedom, love and unity. Not greed, lies and deceptions. When we vote yes towards legalization it will be a vote for a legislation that represents the needs and wants of the people, not greedy investors that are only looking to get richer. The foundation has been laid and the people have spoken. Ohio and the rest of the states will legalize cannabis, when the right legislation is presented. The right legislation will allow for a free market and will not be plagued with greedy intentions. The right legislation will allow consumers to grow their own medicinal or recreational cannabis without a state license. The right legislation will take into consideration and will address the flaws presented by other initiatives. The right legislation will protect patients in the workplace. These are a few of the things that the initiative presented by Responsible Ohio, Issue 3, was lacking. Fortunately there is much hope still on the horizon for Ohio and the rest of the nation that still has outdated draconian laws surrounding cannabis.

Lives Lost Waiting on Medicinal Cannabis
Lives Lost Waiting on Medicinal Cannabis

The Consequences That Must Now Be Faced

It is very unfortunate that over 10,000 individuals will be arrested in the next year for a plant in the state of Ohio alone. It is even more unfortunate that thousands of individuals that could benefit from the medicinal benefits of cannabis will have to continue purchasing their medicine from the black market. The worst part though are those individuals whose lives will be lost because they cannot legally access and consume a plant that has proven time and time again to be very beneficial where traditional pharmaceuticals fail.  

Legalize Ohio 2016
Legalize Ohio 2016

What’s Next for Ohio?

It is very likely that Ohio will have a chance again next year to vote on a more sensible legislation being presented and campaigned by Legalize Ohio 2016. According to their website at https://legalizeohio2016.org  “Legalize Ohio 2016 is in the final phase of signature gathering, and working to establish an ethical, comprehensive, common sense cannabis law that will offer solutions to current policy and allow maximum health, environmental, and monetary benefit to Ohioans.” This legislation is the right one for Ohio. It offers everything that Issue 3 was lacking and more. You can read more about the amendment that is being proposed on their website here.

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