Mexico’s Justice’s Postpone the Marijuana Legalization Hearing


Mexico is close to being on the verge of marijuana legalization. At least that is the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal Use. The group had requested a permit allowing them permission to cultivate and consume marijuana. However, the permit was denied by the government’s health regulators. Denying this permit would be how the bill ended up at the top of the court. The Justice’s set in the judicial office to hear the debate have postponed it at the last minute for a later date possibly next week or possibly when they get permission from the American government. We know all too well that the Obama administration and the DEA own every country around the world and control what they do. The current president of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto is opposed to legalizing drugs. If that is the case, then marijuana should become legal in Mexico after the next debate makes it to court to be heard. The reasoning for this being that marijuana is not a drug, it is medicine. In fact, you can ask The United States of America Department of Health,  they have owned the medical marijuana patent since 2003.

Hope for Earth

A World of Benefits

There are significant benefits that would come from the legalization of marijuana in Mexico. Benefits such as removing a source of financial funding for cartels is what most people think. It is sad that people do not realize the bigger picture. Children will no longer be used as mules to move large amounts of marijuana across dangerous terrain, in conditions that are barely tolerable for a trained adult. The number of innocent individuals whose vehicles have had marijuana attached to them as they cross the border unknowingly will go away. Therefore no longer ruining the lives of innocent civilians. In a country where medicine and medical standards or not held to what is known to be a high-quality, medical marijuana will have a multitude of uses throughout the culture. The prison population in Mexico would be significantly reduced helping to alleviate in a substantial economic stress on the Mexican government. The legalization and taxation of marijuana would stand to give a poor nation their own economic dependency. One that can possibly even match the cartels cocaine and heroin profits. Marijuana could help improve the healthcare system. Marijuana could contribute to improving the school system and education for the country. Marijuana could give many Mexicans Citizens an ability to have businesses of their own in the cannabis industry allowing for financial stability for tens of thousands. It was through the sympathized efforts of a liberal member of the Mexican court named Arturo Zaldivar that the proposal for the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Personal Use was heard. With the problem of marijuana being transported in the United States going on for as long as it has and the amount of marijuana that is grown and smuggled in Mexico, you would think that a solution that is beneficial to the country and the people would be welcomed.

Who Wouldn’t Support Marijuana Legalization in Mexico


Only a member of the cartel themselves would not support the legalization of marijuana in Mexico. With that being said, it is time to evaluate more efficiently the political leaders that are in office throughout Mexico. Much the same as the United States of America, the UK, and other countries the people are all for marijuana legalization yet the greedy criminals that run the countries are the ones still clinging to marijuana prohibition. They do their best to block measures to legalize marijuana worldwide with every ounce of breath they have left in their ragged, sold to the highest bidder bodies. To help solidify the necessity of marijuana legalization, to help stop the illegal transportation, and trafficking of cannabis here is a great example. October 22nd of 2015 a drug tunnel was found by authorities that ran from Tijuana Mexico into San Diego California. Here they arrested 16 drug cartel members and also seized 10 tons of marijuana. At roughly a thousand dollars of pound for Mexican round town brown, that’s an estimated 20 million dollar street value heading for the United States that was stopped.


Where Would That Money Go

That’s 20 million dollars more that will go into our own personal economy instead of into a drug cartel leader such as Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s pockets. Miraculously this individual has escaped from a hi-security prison twice. Problems like this could be eliminated and no longer be an issue if we address the legalization of a harmless medication. Marijuana is not the dangerous substance that the American government has made it out to be to America and other countries that have supported the disastrous war on drugs. America’s politicians have lied to the world for years. So have leaders of other countries around the world who have supported these American liars. Reefer madness is a propaganda lie. The only madness surrounding reefer is the continued prohibition!

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